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Thursday, January 21, 2021
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How to trick Adsense Approval

How to tick adsense approval help you to get approve adsense with legal and quickly.  Also here is some reasons and eligibility conditions for google adsense.

Before you know ‘how to tick adsense’ let introduced you what is it? AdSense is a best, free way for publishers of all sizes to earn money by displaying targeted Google ads on their websites. AdSense also lets you provide Google search to your site users, while earning money by displaying Google ads on the search results pages.


As you can see, Google AdSense is a wonderful tool, and allows website owners and bloggers alike to serve up advertisements on their pages that are effective and unobtrusive. But can you really make money off these ads? Well, the answer is yes, but how much depends on what your site is about (site content), how well it is set out or site design, and how many visitors you get.


There have been many incidences where the Google Adsense Account Activation requests of many publishers were rejected by Google. And as Google does not state the exact reason why the Request wasn’t approved, it keeps the publisher wondering what he did wrong.


It must be noted that Google is getting very strict these days regarding the Adsense Account approval as people are trying to Fool the Advertisers and Make easy money. People from the Asian Sub-Continent have been increasingly caught in Adsense Fraud Activities so the rules are stricter for them. Let us consider a few reasons why adsense account request of Publishers is not being approved.

One should always read the guidelines and terms of service of any site you are joining and signing up. This is also another topic that the mourning is often pretty loud when a user tried to get an account for a blog or website approved but Google does not accept it. As the account is then immediately automatically blocked, you can’t try it again and sign up with the same email address, name and postal address. To know ‘how to tick adsense approval’ you must know what quality required for approve adsense that is below.

Important for Get Adsense Approved

•    Remember, AdSense team wants your visitors to genuinely click on their Advertiser’s ads. So, make sure that your site is easily navigable, make sure that before you submit your AdSense Application
•    Never fake your name, address or phone number. The verification is done by a group of people, not by bots.
•    Your site can only have content that agree to Google Adsense’s policy. Hacking tutorials or tricks are a strict a “No way Look”. In a word, everything that you post should be LEGAL. Also, just having a few original articles won’t do the trick.
•    For your website to be qualified for Adsense, you need a good aged website. Your blog must be minimum 6 months old before you can apply for  Adsense. This is a strict condition for applying for Adsense.
•    Trying to use black SEO tricks such as stuffing webpages with keywords, or including hidden text or links to improve search engine ranking is not  allowed.
•    Applications with URLs of folders such as are not approved, they only approve top level domain such as
•    However, you can apply for sub-domains such as
•    Your domain name records should reflect the details provided in your application. Don’t try to get an account by providing wrong website or other details.

For more effective tricks for approve adsense without any website or easy tips, you can refer How to Trick Adsense or my blog How to Approve Adsense.

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For more effective tricks for approve adsense without any website or easy tips, you can refer How to Trick Adsense or my blog How to Approve Adsense.

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