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Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Is Working From Home Really For You?

Forget the hype! No, NOT everyone can make big ... from home.Is it possible to make a six figure income working from ... it possible to enjoy more freedom in your ... own youro

Forget the hype! No, NOT everyone can make big money
working from home.

Is it possible to make a six figure income working from home?


Is it possible to enjoy more freedom in your schedule, own your
own business, fire your boss, and all of the other work from home


Can you do it?

Well, now that one's not as easy to answer. I can't solve that riddle
for you. I CAN, however, let you know what working from home
really involves so you can make that decision for yourself.


In some respects, working under a supervisor is a life of ease. You
have certain responsibilities, and you take care of them, but that's
as far as it goes. Working your own business is NOTHING like
that. All the decisions are yours to make, all the work is yours to
do, and all the success and profit OR mistakes and failures will be
yours as well.

Working your own business not only requires a change in what you
are doing, but in how you think. No longer will the luxury of 'letting
someone else handle it' be around. You have to step up your level
of responsibility if you want to succeed.


Sure, everyone desires more money, a better house, more time off,
a nicer car, and all that. However, there is a BIG difference
between sitting on the couch saying, "I wish I had a car like that,"
and having the desire to take the ACTION necessary to earn the
money for the car of your dreams.

There is work that will need to be done. It's NOT going to just
happen upon a wish. The kind of desire it takes to make it while
working from home is a constant ACTIVE desire, not just a
passive want.


Working from home will bring about new challenges for you. It
takes courage to step up and meet those challenges. Each stage as
you progress will require you to learn new skills, face different
obstacles, and complete the necessary tasks at hand.

It's not easy doing things differently, but unless you do the job you'll
never progress. This is where your desire to succeed will be


Trust me on this one. It is SO easy to start wanting to live the
benefits of working from home before you've earned them. Sure,
you're the boss, you can take a day off whenever you want, but
then nothing gets done that day either.

You will need to be able to discipline yourself, motivate yourself,
and regulate your activities. You'll still need to work toward goals,
meet schedules, and plan for the future.

Lack of continued effort is probably the number one cause of
failure in home businesses. Many, many people have the desire,
some have the courage, but most still falter when it comes to getting
the work of building their own business done day after day.

It's going to take a while to get where you want, and it will take
continued effort not only to reach your goals, but maintain that
lifestyle once you've gotten there.

Working from home is NOT an occupation reserved for any sort of
elite group. Others that have proven successful at it are no better
than you, me, or anybody else.

It REALLY is possible to make the dream of working from home
come true. Yes, anyone can do it.

It's simply a matter of having an active desire, courage to make
changes, and the discipline to see it all through.

So, IS working from home REALLY for you?

Only you can answer that.

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Written by Joe Bingham of the NetPlay Newsletter

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