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Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Network Marketing Online: How To Execute, Grow & Prosper With Online Tools

Network Marketing Online is no 'fad' and vastly superior to 'old model' network marketing. You can learn all the social interactive lead generating methods through unique click-by-click style video training. Reach vast numbers of people! Become the hunted--not the hunter! Reduce your personal business hours--as your business works day and night on the internet! Learn what income streams to use to monetize your website. Use the most powerful marketing methods that modern technology has available for every online business! Download the latest ebook on network marketing online.

Network Marketing Online has nothing to do with using the 'old model' company methods! The 'shift' to the internet is seriously being accepted by thousands of network marketers!

Change: To A Total Online Business

Changing to network marketing online involves having your own website, which you develop into a website business. Your website should be information intense. A place where you pre-sell your site-visitors on your website theme. That theme should be related to your network marketing product. The website must be your own... not company controlled. By that I mean... you don't mention your network marketing company's registered name or the tradename of any of their products. You keep your main website 'generic.'

From your website you simply link-off to your company's website via incontext text links or you create a blog or squidoo lense as a 'bridge page' between your website and the company site. By using a bridge-page... that allows you to talk specifically about the product and network marketing business. A place to talk straight to your site-visitor before you send them to the company site.

By keeping your main website 'generic'... you are truly operating your network marketing online... in an independent fashion! If you were to quit one company... you simply join another. Also I contend that you should be able to operate more than one non-competing network marketing business. Your in business to make money! Falling in love with one company or product is no help in making money in network marketing online!

Change: To A Multi Income Business

The main benefit of having your own website business... is being able to choose multi-streams of income. Changing to network marketing online enables you to select theme-related affiliate programs, ebooks, and hard goods products to market on your website. You can also market your own products... a hobby, book or invention. However the products you choose should be related to your website theme.

The idea is not to detract from your primary product... which is your network marketing business, but to provide your site-visitors with useful products that will help them. This also gives you cash flow and the funds to continue your network marketing online marketing. The internet allows for an automated mode of operation. Using available internet technologies you can create your own list of subscribers from your interested site-visitors!

Change: From Being The Hunter--To Being The Hunted!

The most important marketing method to use from your website is to provide a regular newsletter. You do this by having a subscriber-box on every web-page. You use an autoresponder to automate the confirmation of subscribers and the regular sending of the newsletters. Quality information for your newsletter is available from article directories. Your regular newsletter does two main things:

1. Provides your interested subscribers with fresh information on your website theme and marketing tools they can use in network marketing online.

2. Provides you with the opportunity to market (recommend) various helpful products, ebooks etc to your subscribers.

Building that subscriber-list is essential for financial success and therefore directing visitor traffic to your website is vital!

Apart from your website... you can also have several blogs, squidoo lenses, hubpages, YouTube pages, social sites, articles and press-releases... all directing traffic to your website. With your blogs you can also have a subscriber-box in place. All the above activity boosts your visitor numbers and the beautiful part is you don't have to pay... to be 'hunted!'

A percentage of your site-visitors will take one or more of the following actions:

1. Subscribe to your newsletter

2. Purchase an affiliate product

3. Click a few Google Ads

4. Request further information on your network marketing business

5. Join your business and want you to show them how to do what you're doing in network marketing online!

Change: To A better Way!

Old model offline network marketing encourages members to 'make-a-list' of prospects and go out and harass them about your product and business. Also to buy 'leads' from lead companies and phone hundreds of leads each week. As well as attend opportunity and training meetings etc. This is 'old model' network marketing... a truly worn-out and superceded system... that started in the 1930's.

New model network marketing online involves having your own content-based website where you provide your site-visitors with generous information on a specific website theme. You then link your website with several blogs, squidoo lenses, hubpages, YouTube pages, articles, press-releases and social networking sites. You edit a regular newsletter to provide your subscribers with fresh theme information.

Network marketing online does require a bit of time to set-up your sites and links, but once done... then they only require maintenance. You do need to visit and post to your social sites. You're on partial auto-pilot! You're not on the phone talking to uninterested 'leads' all day. You actually have more time for yourself and your family. You do talk to your interested prospects via email and/or voip phones. Talking to serious business builders is vastly different to spending your valuable time with 'tire-kickers.' Although you may have the wonderful problem of having more interested prospects than you can handle!

The internet has provided a better way to do business. Have you noticed we are using computers... and typewriters are near extinct! Progress and technology advances... dictate we use the best available methods. Network marketing online is the best method for this industry today!

Change: Conclusions

For what reason would you continue to practice 'old model' network marketing? Being 'loyal' to your company... doesn't cut it! They are in it to make money... not to make you happy.

The existing NWM membership model will change. It has too... to cater for method change because of network marketing online techniques. As more and more networkers take the sensible approach and change to an online operation where they are in-charge of their own website business... NWM companies will, by necessity... evolve a more flexible system! That new system will need to incorporate a built-in tolerance for members multi-income sources. The NWM system that has evolved... has been great for companies and manufacturersBusiness Management Articles, but an absolute failure for the majority of networkers. An industry failure rate of 95%... is appalling!

Now the internet has shown network marketers... a better way! The marketing methods that internet marketers have evolved since the early 1990's... are available for network marketing online! A combination of content and interactive marketing is the most effective system. You need to take the time to learn how to use these methods to carry out your network marketing online. The latest ebook on what to do online is available... as is the most unique click-by-click video training.

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Darcy John here with the latest network marketing online information. You can have your own website business, and profit from various multi-streams of income. Learn how to use all the social interactive marketing methods available and reach vast numbers of people. Download the latest free network marketing online ebook and learn about a unique click-by-click style video training program. Join the program, pay the one-time fee and take the training course.

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