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Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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"P" Your Way To Online Business Success With Great Promotions

"P" Your Way To Online Business Success With Great Promotions! 2003 Jeff D. Schumanhttp://www.Team-Schuman.comArticle 5 in a series of 7!Receive the whole series by email here:pcourse@aweber.comTeam-...

"P" Your Way To Online Business Success With Great Promotions!
2003 Jeff D. Schuman

Article 5 in a series of 7!

Receive the whole series by email here:

Team-Schuman Marketplace Free eCourse:

"P" Your Way To Online Success With Great Promotions!
2002 Jeff D. Schuman

Jeff Schuman here with another article on making money
from the comfort of your own home with my Amazing Sales
Formula and Internet Marketing!

This article is going to deal with GREAT PROMOTIONS and the
impact they have on The Amazing Sales Formula and your
making money at home!

In some of my past articles I looked at how having a GREAT
PRODUCT and working with GREAT PEOPLE can have such a major
impact on the success of your own internet marketing

We followed that by talking about GREAT PRICING and all of
the elements that go into establishing the price for the
products you are selling!

Today we want to look at the importance of having GREAT
PROMOTIONS to help you get the word out to the millions and
millions of potential customers and business partners out

Every Great Promotion contains several key things!

1. An Offer to your prospect
2. Powerful action words
3. Perceived Value to your prospect
4. Relates back to your primary product
5. Has a deadline

Promoting a product or business opportunity on the internet
is easily done by offering something of value to your
prospect! You want to get them to look at or consider what
it is you are offering them!

The FREE eCourse "P" Your Way To Online Business Success is
a perfect example of this.

My main product I am offering you are Free to join
affiliate programs at my Team-Schuman.Com Site!

How I've chosen to market it is through a series of
eReports delivered to you by email over a period of days by
an autoresponder.

My autoresponder contains the eCourse I have written and
then is set to send out the reports to your email address
on the days I tell it!

By offering something FREE to you I increase the odds of
getting you to open your mail and read this eCourse!
The use of the internet as the promoting vehicle makes it
very easy to offer FREEBIES to your prospect to accomplish

Take a look at what I offer when subscribing to the course

250 free business cards

Complete Money Making Newsletter Set-Up Free!

Free eBook "30 Days To Success"

Free eCourse "P" Your Way To Success
Send a blank email here:

I have offered...
* Free business cards
* Free eBooks
* Free newsletter
* Free money making system

and a FREE training course that contains perceived value (I
HOPE) because they relate back to the content of this Free

These can be delivered instantly to you and can help you
make money on the internet with no product and no website
of your own!

Could I give away pencils or coffee mugs that say
Team-Schuman Marketplace on them?


But how would I deliver them to you instantly and would
they contain the same perceived value to You as the

That is what promoting your online business is all about.
Having an offer that is so irresistable to your customer
and getting it "SEEN" by them!

Over the years there have been many GREAT PROMOTIONS!
Offers so irresistable that they had to be checked out by
you and I! They all contain words so powerful that we could
not resist the temptation to at least check them out!

Words like FREE, 50% off, offer ends soon, limited time
offer, Buy Now Pay Later, No Money Down, No Payment For 1
Full Year, No Interest for 90 days, Secrets Revealed, and
many more!

Of course there are hundreds of more powerful words when it
comes to GREAT PROMOTIONS! Perhaps you can think of some right
now that relate to a product you are selling. Or maybe it is a
product you have recently bought. How was it promoted? What caught
your attention? Why did you finally buy it? You get the idea!

The only thing we haven't really discussed yet is the
deadline. Why is a deadline important? Because it creates an
image that your GREAT PROMOTION won't last forever.

To me the most powerful word to do that is FREE!
Whenever I see or hear the word FREE in the back of my mind
is the thought "For How Long?" Nothing lasts forever.

No Great Promotion is going to last forever.
We all know that. Even more directly put are phrases like
Offer Ends Soon, Only 15 left, This will sell out fast!
These powerful key words help to create a sense of urgency
with a deadline to your GREAT PROMOTION!

How do you advertise your Great Promotion?
That is a whole course in itself. But I like to increase my
recognition through Top Of Mind Awareness (TOMA)!

The internet really makes that possible through the use of

Here is something you can check out on FREE Autoresponders
that really makes automating your promotions easy!

"With NEW intelligent software that's FREE."

New, sophisticated autoresponder allows fast, repetitive,
personalized and consistent email follow-up. SAVE time and

GRAB YOUR FREE VERSION NOW! A email follow-up tool for
FREE! Don't wait, go now:

If you are looking to build an online business of your own
then all of the FREEBIES so far can be bookmarked and saved
to refer back to over and over for years to come!

That's the beauty of the internet. You can be promoting for
days, weeks and months down the road just off of your
efforts today.

If you are a person who likes marketing and advertising
then you will love internet marketing and network marketing
on the internet because of the many exciting ways you can

I listed some of my favorites here. If you want to check
them out send a blank email here:

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