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Tuesday, March 26, 2019
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So Where Do You Fit In?

So Where Do You Fit In?by Cathy BryantCopyright 2003 Many of you reading this are working full-time, with a dream toeventually leave your job for complete independence fr...

So Where Do You Fit In?
by Cathy Bryant
Copyright 2003

Many of you reading this are working full-time, with a dream to
eventually leave your job for complete independence from home.
Some of you are also working at a home-based business; others
are exploring the idea of one.

Others are working part-time outside the home, and supplementing
your income with a part-time home-based business.

Still others are unemployed outside the home, either voluntarily
or involuntarily. You may or may not currently be working on
your own business.

I have so many people who write me to tell me that they'd really
like to start a business of their own but they just don't have
the money to do so. You can start your business from scratch -
but it can be really frustrating to have to work so hard at
something with no return because you're having to funnel all the
money you've earned back into the business. Without any working
capital at all, most people simply give up and think they can't
make a go of it.

Well, have you ever thought about possibly getting a part-time
job solely for the purpose of funding your business? I know
what you're saying (especially if you already work full-time) -

"Then I'd never have the time to work at the business."

Well, that may very well be true - in the short term. But if
home-business success is truly important to you, then perhaps
you should consider this -

Get that part-time job. Take your earnings and invest them in
some short-term investments (CD's, for example). Continue to
work at the job - BUT DON'T SPEND THE MONEY - and grow your
business nest egg. During this time, continue to research
your home business options.

When your funds have grown to the point that you feel you're
ready to give that home business a go, then you can give up
the job if you feel you need that time to devote to the
business. You'll have your working capital, and chances
are your business will be in profit sooner.

This won't work, however, if, instead of being disciplined
enough to put the money aside, you spend it instead.

Even with the slowdown in the economy, there are still plenty
of places that are hiring part-time workers (at least in my
section of the country). In addition, some of these places
offer benefits even to part-timers (Starbucks, for example).

Here's links to some places that offer a part-time income
and flexible schedules to their employees. (Some of these
companies are regional; you can search the websites to see
if they are in your area).******

*On Fortune Magazines "Top 100 Best Companies to Work For"
this year - for more on this, visit

If you don't have the money to get your business going - this is
one option always open to you for your consideration.

If you're serious about succeeding on your ownComputer Technology Articles, you need to do
what it takes to reach your goals!

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Cathy Bryant has been teaching others how to succeed in their own
home businesses since the last century! Visit her website and
subscribe to her unique newsletter, the HomeBizJunction Herald.

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