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Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Taming the Wild Monkey

This article address the possibility that many failures in home business have more to do with focus than effort and provide methods to increase focus to create success.

I was fired form my job of 9 years and I had to make money fast. The internet was an area that I was familiar with and I thought I was pretty good getting around. But business is business, it make no difference if itís on the net or the corner of 12th and Market you must treat your business with the same respect. (Lesson learned)

I got hooked on the freedom the internet and home business offered and knew right away that this was the business for me.

So I emerged myself in every thing that had anything to do with making money at home. I joined ever major affiliate program there was especially those that were endorsed my internet marketing gurus like Matt Morris, Stone Evans, Derek Gehl  and many more. And in less than 8 months I was more broke than I started off!

I had done the home work spent the money on advertisement and every other tip , secret and revolutionary method there was but still my income was less than a tenth of my spending.

Failing isnít something that Iím afraid of, I believe that you must fail to understand how to succeed but heck there were people starting up and making money their first week with many of these programs but not me. Somehow there was an ingredient that I was missing from my work at home plan that others had. But what was is?

My money was running out and none of my many opportunities were successful, I had to cut back on something or sell my house to keep up this spending. So I sat down in my living room and just thought of all the opportunities that promoted and which I had to let go. I thought about how I would promote the remaining opportunities, I thought about how I would get a larger downline, I thought about and a visualized everything I had been doing over the last few months and I focused on what I had to do to change the way things were going. Then it hit me! The real reason I was not successful in internet marketing I had no focus.

It wasnít that I didnít have any focus on working the business but I never put enough effort into on opportunity before I took on another. In meditation class when someone was not focused we would say they had a wild monkey that would cause their mind to wander from one subject to another.  The teacher would say ďYou must tame the wild monkeyĒ or you must develop the focus needed to succeed in life.

So applying the same principle in business that I use in life here is the lesson learned. If you have not chosen an affiliate program yet, do your homework before you select one. Even a program thatís free to join can be draining after advertising and other business necessities.  

  • Select and affiliate program that has a history of success, and put all your energies in that company. If you become passionate about that product it will be much easier to develop a downline or sell the product to others if you believe in it. Strong Future International (SFI) is the first to come to mind, but there are others.
  • If possible get a mentor. Someone that had already become successful in the business and is not afraid to give you the kind of advice that will allow you to be successful.
  • Educate yourself many companies like leadersclub and Success University exist to help you avoid the most common mistakes online.    But understand that will try to get you to promote their product as well. My suggestion is to do it only if you are already somewhat successful with you first endeavor.
  • Educate yourself more; it is your responsibility to educate yourself not any company, donít depend on them alone.
  • Remove anything from your life that is not beneficial to your success
  • Never read any email about another new opportunityHealth Fitness Articles, until you have made at least three months of success with your first. And even then I would not look into another opportunity until I am no longer making money form the first.
  • If you have a downline build wide rather than deep and teach them to focus like you!

Remember stay focused! Tame that wild monkey and make money! For a copy of this article and many more go to my awwsum work at home directory  under articles or follow this link  here 

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