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Saturday, February 27, 2021
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The Law of Rhythm And Your Home-Based Business

All of life is subject to the Law of Rhythm and that includes the life of your home business. Whether your business is in the quiet of winter or sprouting with new growth in spring, your ability to work in harmony with the rhythm will determine your speed and levels of success.

The Law of Rhythm states that everything goes through cycles. Ocean tides go in and out. The moon's lunar phases follow a 29-day cycle, and the earth's yearly revolution around the sun creates seasons.

For some countries, this might mean four seasons consisting of spring, summer, fall and winter. For others, it might mean wet, monsoon or dry seasons.

During each of these cycles or seasons, only certain things can happen. For example, you cannot reap your harvest in spring because you have just planted the seeds. They have to germinate and grow.

You can't plant seeds in the winter because this is the dormant time -- a time for rest, revitalization and planning for your next season of growth.

Once you understand the Law of Rhythm, it becomes easier to understand that you can't plant a seed and expect to reap the rewards immediately. Everything in nature is a part of a dance and you just need to know where you are in that dance.

So, where are you in the season of your business?

Are you deep in the middle of winter, planning for the growing season ahead?

Are you in spring, sowing your seeds for an abundant harvest?

Or, are you enjoying summer and fall, reaping the rewards of your hard work and smart planning?

Many entrepreneurs interfere with the Law of Rhythm by trying to force growth prematurely. Each and every time this creates dismal results.

It's almost like planting an acorn to grow a mighty oak tree, then digging up the acorn every few weeks to see if anything is happening. The tree will never grow because it hasn't been given the freedom to align with the Law of Rhythm.

Whatever season you find your home-based business in, acknowledge that you are where you are and think and plan and act in a way that will naturally progress you to the next season.

If you're in winter, you might be deciding what products and services to offer or creating a new product to launch and sell. You might be studying the competition so you can decide how to differentiate yourself or gaining clarity on who your ideal client will be.

If you're in spring, you might be attending networking functions, building awareness about yourself and your business, participating in trade shows, getting interviewed, or delivering speeches.

And if you're in summer or fall, you might be enjoying a full practice, healthy sales and a continuous stream of people inquiring about your products and services.

Work in harmony with the Law of Rhythm, don't stand in its wayBusiness Management Articles, and you will reap a fruitful harvest when the time is right.

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Laurie Hayes, founder of The HBB Source, and creator of The Complete 12-Step Guide To Starting A Home-Based Business, helps employees become successful home-based business owners. Get her free ezine packed with helpful resources at

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