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Saturday, June 15, 2019
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The Worst Job on Earth?!

I used to ... dread going to work.I was a factory worker at a well ... ... ... job ... of pulling piecesof wood off of a chute, checking themfor knots and other d

I used to absolutely dread going to work.

I was a factory worker at a well known
window manufacturing company.

My job consisted of pulling pieces
of wood off of a chute, checking them
for knots and other defects, sorting
them accordingly, and then piling them
about 5 feet high on pallets.

That's what I did. All day long. Can
you say, "brain dead"?

The factory was too noisy to listen
to headphones. We all had our separate
chutes to work at (yeehaw), and the work
was fast paced, so talking with other
co-workers was difficult.

At the end of each day I'd have to
pick wood splinters out of my hands
(working with gloves was an option, but
it made handling and sorting the wood
much more difficult).

We had rotating shifts so one month
I'd be working the day shift, and the
next I'd be working from 12:00 p.m. to
8:00 a.m.!

Growing up, I never imagined I'd be stuck
in such a horrible job.

But you know what?

I'm actually very GLAD I had the experience
of working in a factory!


...Simply because it *motivated* me to get
off my lazy butt and do something better
with my life!

Like most people, I'd always had the dream of
starting my own business and making piles
of money (not wood) as a result.

But I learned (the hard way) that dreams aren't
worth JACK unless you take steps to achieve

Very few people become wealthy and successful
in life, simply because very few people
take action to achieve their dreams!

...People are scared that they'll fail. They
lack faith that their efforts will pay
off. They're afraid to risk their time
and money. Or they're just plain lazy like
I was!

Trust me, I know how you feel. It's like
you're facing a mountain. At the top of the
mountain is everything you ever wanted. But
in order to get there, you have to CLIMB the
mountain, and conquer the pitfalls along the

I finally decided that I didn't want to face
that proverbial mountain my whole life...

I knew for a FACT that my *dream* was awaiting
me at the top. I could let that dream go to
waste...Or I could take one step after the
other up the mountain and ACHIEVE THE

You see, there are no "ifs, ands, or buts"
when it comes to achieving your dreams.

You simply CHOOSE success.

And then you take the steps to achieve that
success. As long as you have the DESIRE (your
"fuel" for achieving success) and a PLAN (your
"vehicle" for achieving success) you
WILL succeed...

There is no question about it. No looking back.
No wondering IF you'll succeed.

Success truly IS a CHOICE.

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