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Friday, February 28, 2020
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Your Home Office Using Feng Shui

Organizing paperwork and eliminating chaos is crucial to creating the best flow of chi. †Using the strategies of feng shui will help you create a flow of chi that will lead to an effective home office environment.

Feng shui, also called the art of placement, can be utilized to create an effective home office with the help of chi.† What is chi?† Chi is the universal life force and it is present in all things.† You can cultivate your work and home lives by putting feng shui strategies in to effect.† Everything suffers when chi is not flowing well.†† It will leave you feeling tired, stuck in your job, and working without focus.† Chi rushing strongly through a room will leave you fighting crisis after crisis, unable to keep up with all of the changes.† Feng shui can help when organizing paperwork in your home office.† It also can guide the layout for your furniture to produce the perfect flow of chi.

Tip One: Dedicate a room to your home office.† It can be a small room it just needs to have a door.† You put yourself in control of your work when you put it in a separate room with a door.† A door also keep work and personal life separate.

Tip Two: When planning the layout of your office feng shui tools can help prevent miscommunications and conflicts between you and those you work with.† It can even prevent the loss of clients.† Creating the best gentle flow of chi through your office is greatly affected by the placement of your desk.† The crucial point in desk placement is being able to see the door.† If your back is to the door it asks people to take advantage of you.† Putting your back to the door blocks out business successes.† Home office feng shui gives you options if your layout isnít ideal.† Use a mirror to see the door behind you if you canít face it.† Donít sit with windows to your back it will make you feel vulnerable.† From your desk you should have the widest view of room with the door in it.† In order to do this your desk canít be pushed against a wall or window.† Leave room for chi to follow around the rest of your furniture. †Feng shui rules suggest you leave a 7-9 inch space from your furniture to the wall.

Tip 3:†† Feng shui will not be successful in your home office unless you also concentrate on organizing paperwork.† Keeping your home office free of clutter and organized will create your best flow of chi.† Donít neglect your organization if you do clutter will take over your office and essentially block the positive chi you are trying to create.† A home office filing system will help when organizing paperwork.† A home filing system will keep all of your papers together and out of sight.†† Using a file system you can quickly find invoices, client information, filesFree Web Content, and other important papers.† A clear orderly room will create a good flow of chi in your room.

Tip 4: †Store project materials you are not working on currently.† You will better be able to concentrate on your current projects if you clear this mental clutter out of your space.† It should be kept out of visual range of your office.

What can feng shui in your home office teach us? Everything around us is connected.† Our physical space and the way we manipulate it affect our business.† In order to achieve the best flow of chi you need to concentrate on organizing paperworkand how you layout your furniture.† The most successful business comes from the best flow of chi.

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