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Sunday, July 5, 2020
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Your Online Business - Real Opportunity Versus Fake Opportunity

How many friends have approached you with excitement bubbling out of every pore in their body."......  you've GOT to take a look at this online business!!!!"  All you've got to do is get TWO people wh...

How many friends have approached you with excitement bubbling out of every pore in their body."......  you've GOT to take a look at this online business!!!!"  All you've got to do is get TWO people who want to earn $1000 a week!  You know two people don't you!  Then they get two people into their online business, and THEY get two people and it just explodes and pretty soon you don't have to do ANYTHING and you can quit your job and do nothing!!"  Your gut instinct tells you this online business sounds unbelieveably good (you don't know how right you are) but you sign up anyway.  With that comes a monthly autoship of $100-$300, but who cares?  Pretty soon you'll be making three times that in a week!6 months later, you're disillusioned, your online business is severely in the red from your once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity and you've only signed up 6 people into your business and 5 have left as quick as they came.Been there, done that ... I'm slightly ashamed to say, except I didn't even sign up anywhere near 6 people in my online business!!What is opportunity?  How do you recognise it?  What separates reality from fake?  When does that gut instinct tell you it's real?  What most people don't realise is that all the things they've been taught for their online business do work to a degree.  It's just that most of us will NEVER master the skills required to do them effectively.  That is what separates real opportunity from fake opportunity, now listen carefully;*  REAL opportunity is something YOU can do.  *  FAKE opportunity is something a very talented, skilled person with an amazing skillset can do ... you can't right now, or rather, not you until you've spent years mastering those skills.  Some of the things people try and make money through an online business are;*  writing their own ebook and selling it online.*  network marketing, travel, health, fuel, and more health... *  selling other peoples products as an affiliate marketer.*  stuffing envelopes (don't even go there)*  selling things on ebay.*  creating a product and selling it online, eg: a boardgame etc...*  and many other minorsHere's the other side of the online business coin;*  there are thousands of ebooks out there, great ebooks that aren't being sold because the writer doesn't have the marketing knowledge to do so.*  98% of network marketers fail due to been taught a system which the companies KNOW doesn't work, but it sounds much easier than REAL network marketing.*  95% of affiliate sales are made by 5% of the affiliate market, a staggering 95% failure rate.*  Money from envelopes?  You're kidding right? *  A recent survey showed that over half of the 3,500 products surveyed on ebay had no bids on them at all!  Only 175 items out of the 3,500 had more than 1 bid on them.  Not as hot as what people make it out to be is it?*  creating physical products takes thousands of dollars in design, production costs, advertising, you have to have reasonable capital to even THINK this is a good road to travel down.I've written writing ebooks, I've been involved in network marketing, I've tried being an affiliate marketer, stuffing envelopes, selling on ebay, never tried creating my own product though, knew that would be too expensive.  NONE of those online businesses worked.Why?  Because each of those online businesses required SKILLS.  Skills that take YEARS to master, and those that have mastered them become extremely wealthy.  I've spent well over $20,000 on courses and some of the top training courses around and learnt ALOT!  But what I eventually realised was the time taken to master these skills is immense!  The fact of the matter is that most people in their 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s don't have the TIME or the MENTAL ENERGY to sit down and learn how to write a sales letter that people just HAVE to buy off if they read it.  That takes YEARS to learn and many more years to master.  Many many people are ALMOST successful, because they are good, they are brilliant, they are talented, but they just fall short.  The reason why is they CANNOT get other people to do what they do in their online business.  Not happening...The vast majority of people don't have the required skills to be successful, skills like;*  knowing where and how to find the right prospects.*  writing great sales letters that make your prospects foam at the mouth to get to your product.*  designing a website that 'draws' a person into wanting to know more.*  setting up autoresponder emails, sequences, and timings.*  closing people on your product, knowing what to say when they say no, or are not sure it they want to buy it.*  knowing how to upload information onto websites.*  buying and registering domain names, then setting up killer websites under that specific domain.*  Writing articles, press releases, and blogging effectively.*  the expensive and ever-changing Pay Per Click Advertising.*  where do I stop?The time taken to learn all these skills is incredible, the cost ... more than a little, and the effort ... huge!  People don't know how to do ALL those things I just listed!  A select few do, and they reap the golden rewards.  But for joe and joette average - no way!  People are different, some people can do some things really well, others they fail at miserably.  A great webdesigner is often TERRIBLE at selling things.  A great salesperson has NO CLUE how to set up an autoresponder sequence.  Your online business requires ALL of those skills.What would work best for people is a system!  This system would do EVERYTHING that I've talked about, it would free you up to just point people in the direction of it through techniques that are simple, proven and effective.  This system would need to have a good track record.  It would have to have statistics and conversion rates backing it up, and it would need to do everything by itself.It would need:*  great sales letters.*  fascinating and informative websites.*  a masterful followup system.*  a way to close people without being pushy or using cunning sales tactics.*  an easy system of attracting people to these websites and sales letters that doesn't involve talking to people or hassling your friends and family.That would a REAL opportunity because EVERYONE could do it, right?  It's not an opportunity that looks great but the skills required to be successful in it are incredibly difficult to master, that's a FAKE opportunityFree Reprint Articles, when something is NOT what it appears to be.  Don't be fooled...

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and now I would like to invite you to have a look at, you can judge for yourself whether it is real or fake.  Can you do this?

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