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Sunday, September 20, 2020
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20 Tips To Make Office Cleaning Quick And Easy

Having a clean office is important in running a business. Working in a clean environment helps staff members become more efficient and effective. They can concentrate better without any distractions and eyesores. They can do things faster because everything is organized and arranged accordingly. They can keep common illnesses at bay because the work space is properly sanitized.

Aside from the workers, the business itself benefits from having a clean office because it conveys professionalism and concern. A clean office is not only pleasant, it is safe as well.


Even if a company is capable of hiring a professional cleaning service to do the heavy cleaning tasks, involving the whole staff in maintaining office cleanliness is also essential, especially if the hired cleaners do not come in every day. Here are 20 easy and practical office cleaning tips to keep the work space clean and tidy for maximum productivity:


  1. Enforce the practice of CAYGO or Clean As You Go. This means putting everything back in their proper places, and leaving a space (whether it's shared space or personal space) the same way you found it --clean, clear, and mess-free.


  1. Have a hand sanitizer at strategic places, preferably near entrances, at the pantry/eating area, and in the comfort rooms, which staff members, as well as visitors, can use


  1. Disinfect personal work space with a disinfectant spray at least once a week to prevent the spread of germs and eliminate any unpleasant smell.


  1. Before starting your day's work, wipe your computer screen with a damp microfiber cloth to avoid dust build-up. Then use cotton swabbed in alcohol or disinfectant to sanitize your mouse, keyboard, and desk phone.


  1. Each staff should have a rag that they can use to wipe their desk and chair every morning.


  1. Declutter office desk by keeping only those stuff you constantly use on your desktop. Other items which you don't use as often can be kept inside your desk drawer, and taken out only when needed.


  1. Avoid having a catch-all drawer which has the tendency to become a trash collector. If there has to be one, it should be sorted and cleaned out every week or at least once every 2 weeks.


  1. Use under-the-table hooks for hanging bags, purses, or umbrellas, instead of having these lying on the floor or on the desk top.


  1. Encourage staff members to come up with their own filing and organizing system so they will not have to waste precious time in finding stuff that should have been in a specific place.


  1. Provide an organized storage space for cleaning materials and have these labelled accordingly.


  1. Set limits. When a storage space becomes overloaded, remove the least needed/oldest items and either discard or have these archived to give room for more important or current items.


  1. Minimize printing of documents to avoid paper clutter. Print only those that are really needed, and just keep soft copies of all the others. This way, you're not just helping keep your office clean; you're helping the environment as well.


  1. Advise against leaving stacks or piles of paper (especially those that will not be used or needed immediately) on open surfaces because these are dust magnets and fire hazards. Instead, everyone should stick to the practice of keeping papers and folders inside drawers or filing cabinets. Except when these should be readily on hand, then desk trays can be used.


  1. Dishes used for eating should immediately be cleaned after taking one's meals.


  1. Space used for eating should also be wiped and sanitized immediately after meals.


  1. Never let spills go unattended. To avoid accidents, a spill should be mopped immediately. Then, a safety sign should be used to let people passing by that the floor is wet.


  1. Trash cans are there for good reason. When throwing trash, make sure that it gets inside the trash can.


  1. Encourage everyone to be vigilant about small litters such as candy wrappers or pieces of paper. These shouldn't be left lying around, but should be picked up immediately and thrown into the trash can


  1. Empty trash cans at least once daily, or as soon as it gets full.


  1. Instead of real, live plantsFind Article, opt for plastic plants which can be cleaned easily and will not contribute allergens or any unpleasant smell.

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