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Thursday, August 22, 2019
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5 Ways to Reduce Your Heating and Air Expenses

When your heating and air costs begin to skyrocket, you need to be proactive in order to lower them. There are many easy ways to slash bills by the hundreds.

If your heating and air costs are getting out of hand, there are some changes you can make that will help you save more money every month. You may not notice a big change in your bill at first, but add up your savings over the course of a year and you may discover several hundreds of extra dollars are left in your pocket. Here five ways to reduce costs while maximizing the performance of your system.

1. Timer

If you have a timer on your heating and air system, why aren't you using it? Setting it to turn on and off at certain times can help you regulate your usage and keep your home at a more comfortable temperature. Wouldn't it be nice to come home to a warm and toasty house on a winter day after work or get to sink into a cool bed on a hot summer night? You are less likely to blast the temperatures when you arrive in and forget that you've left them on for several hours if you've arranged everything before your arrival. It's also an inexpensive luxury.

2. Seal

Leaving doors and windows open allow warm or cool temperatures to escape. When you turn on your heating and air system, seal in the warmth or cool by closing everything and confining it to only the spaces you are using. The system won't need as much power to operate optimally and you'll be able to shut it off sooner because it will work much more rapidly. You should also check for drafts and caulk these shut for even better performance.

3. Outside

Where your home is situated and the exterior will also impact on the inside temperature. Besides just shutting any drapes and blinds to blot out the sun, you should also consider adding tall plants or trees outside of windows. These will keep the interior of your home cooler and can shave some money off of your annual cooling bills. If you can't wait to plant a tree, any plants surrounding the home can help increase the moisture and decrease the heat. In extreme hot spots, consider adding a small awning to shield the window from the glare of the sun.

4. Insulate

Is your home properly insulated? If you live in a colder climate where winters are bitter, good insulation is crucial to keep down your heating and air costs. Some types of insulation such as fiberglass batts can fall out of place or become distorted following improper installation or many years of use. By simply repairing these problems you'll be turning up the warmth in your home. You may also want to consider upgrading to a more comprehensive insulation such as spray foam for better coverage.

5. Repair

Are your heating and air bills unreasonably high lately? There may be a problem with your climate control system, which is causing the poor performance and subsequent high costs. Regular maintenance, which includes topping off fluids and changing out filtersFeature Articles, is required to keep everything running smoothly.

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