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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Bahama shutter hardware – Perfect, long lasting companion for your windows!

Decorative Shutters provides Bahama shutters hardware for your home including including hinges, pintels, tiebacks and more.



Bahama Shutters, also known as Bermuda Shutters, are distinguished by their mounting that resembles an awning placed over the window. Since they’re found aplenty in coastal areas, hence the name Bahama Shutters. If you want to shield your windows and your home from the harsh coastal sun, Bahama Shutters are just the thing for you! These shutters open upwards and shut downwards, providing shade when they are open, also allowing adjustable air flow. And when closed, they provide strong protection from the harsh winds and torrential rains that lash the coastal areas. In fact, in some places Bahama Shutters are also aptly known as Hurricane Shutters! Bahama Shutters are available in a variety of styles and colors to suit your personal taste, and they also blend harmoniously with your home’s décor.

Bahama shutters not only boost the aesthetic appeal of your house but also safeguard it against the elements of nature. Bahama Shutters are designed to provide long-term protection. However, regular and proper maintenance is duly needed if they are to maintain their durability and integrity in serving your purpose. The choice of cleaning and maintaining materials also determine the lifespan of your shutters. The same goes with choosing the right spare parts in case of wear & tear.

Bahama Shutters are usually mounted and bolstered by three main hardware components –

1 - Bahama Shutter stays that are fixed or adjustable,

2 - Hinges and pintle sets, and

3 – Tie-backs or shutter hooks/dogs.

Sturdy good quality hardware ensures your Bahama Shutters go a long way in enduring the harsh weather that they are subjected to all year round.

Shutter Stays -

Bahama Shutter Stays are primarily of two types i.e. of fixed length and adjustable length. Sold as a set of two arms, they are available in cast or extruded aluminum, stainless steel, and even bronze. Efficient and lightweight, they come with locking pins in a variety of metals, along with screws to fasten them.

Shutter Hinges -

Bahama Hinge is what fastens the other part of the shutter. Comprising two parts that slide together for easy installation and removal, the integrated hinge provides a top-down rotational function that causes the Bahama Shutter to open or close. These parts are of utmost importance in making the Bahama Shutter sturdy and long lasting!

Tie-backs or Shutter Hooks/Dogs –

Hinges are usually sold in a complete set per window, including fasteners that hold the shutter open or firmly closed. These fasteners are also known as shutter tie-backs or shutter dogs. Apart from serving a functional purpose, shutter dogs also add to the architectural and aesthetic appeal of your house. Shutter tie-backs are available in three mounting options, the first being Surface or Post Mount. This is the most popular shutter tie back mounting option that is used on stone, stucco, brick and frame construction. Surface Mount Tie Backs is another option that can only be used on frame construction buildings. This type of tie back includes all the necessary hardware for direct mounting onto your wood sliding. The third option is Sill Mount Tie Backs that is superbly compatible with stone construction and other types of siding. This tie-back finishes where the lag mount or surface mount tie-backs fail to be mounted securely.

Additional parts -

Several additional parts such as shutter slide bolts, pull rigs, acorn anchors can also supplement your Bahama Shutters. The shutter slide bolt and lock helps secure the shutter in a closed position. Usually made of heavy-duty steel or iron, the slide bolt and lock are sold as one unit. Pull Rigs, usually made of wrought steel galvanized and mounted on steel plates, ensure ease of closure for customized shutters. Acorn Anchors, also knows as bullets, are a convenient and secure spring action shutter holdback. Used to secure the shutters to the sides of homes, Acorn Anchors help keep them open.

Bolstered with the right Bahama Shutter hardware, your shutters will definitely maintain their utility and aesthetic quotient for years. Easy to assemble, most of these are easily available online, ready to be shipped to your doorstep. And once you know which part goes where, you are ready to assemble your brand new Bahama Shutter, or tend to your old shutters that have loyallyPsychology Articles, unflinchingly secured your home by keeping the elements at bay.


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Jeff Gerber runs furnishing and fittings stores across Fenton, MI; he likes to share her knowledge and capabilities regarding bahama shutters hardware with online readers looking forward to renovating their homes.


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