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Saturday, August 17, 2019
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Bed Bug Detection With Dogs

Bed bug detection is the only way to find and kill these household parasites. Unfortunately, it is difficult to see them with the naked eye and so many people utilize bed bug sniffing dogs.

The world today may not be facing the same sort of problems as the black death or small pox but that does not mean we do not still face plagues of our own. Today we face the plague of small insects that are not only incredibly mobile but also super hard to kill. They are able to attach themselves not only to people but also to clothing, personal belongings and pets. One of the most common problems is that people go to visit places with these small nocturnal pests and then bring them back on their luggage. Once they have colonized a house they then begin to feed on the blood of the people and animals living there. The resulting bites leave red marks and incredible itchiness. These are not only incredibly uncomfortable but also, if left unaddressed will often result in a serious infestation that can take over in very little time. In order to reduce the negative impacts it is imperative that bed bug detection is utilized as quickly as possible.

The secret to reducing the size of the infestation is to detect and address these creatures as soon as possible. It is possible to call a pest control company and have them come in to visually search the residence for signs of the insects. Bed bug detection can be very hard as they tend to nest in dark spots and the creatures themselves are very small. This is why many pest control companies have begun using dogs to look for and treat the parasites.

Just as law enforcement uses canines to look for drugs and weapons, and medicine has begun researching cancer sniffing dogs, the acute sense of smell on man's best friend has been found to be one of the most effective methods for finding these bloodsuckers. Not only are they incredibly accurate they are efficient. They can search an entire house much faster than a person. They also ensure that no hidden nest of eggs or nymphs is missed. This reduces the likelihood of a recurrence of the critters. Detection is most important around beds, furniture, and upholstery. Often they will be nested in the carpet and the only evidence that they exist is the red irritating bumps they leave after their nocturnal feedings. It is possible to exterminate these nuisances but the key is good bed bug detection.

Bed bug detection is the best way to fight this increasingly widespread parasite. Once they have a chance to fully infest a home they can cause a lot of irritation and be not only very expensive to destroy but also very difficult to be rid of. They are so small and can breed so quickly that missing part of a colony means that in a matter of weeks they could be back up to full strength and numbers. The only way to be sure they have all been destroyed is utilizing bed bug detection.

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