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Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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Considering Solar Panel Construction

There are a number of different solar products on the markets today. It can be quite confusing, and even more expensive to invest in constructed solar products only to find that they arenít quite what you need. Learning about solar panel construction is one way that you can get the energy levels that you need without investing excessive amounts of money. When you are considering solar panel construction you need to know the basics about solar energy, and the items needed to construct your own solar panel.

The basics concepts behind solar energy include harnessing the energy from the sun, and with the use of photovoltaics convert that radiation to direct current energy that can be used for everyday energy needs. Photovoltaics are cells that contain materials that will perform this conversion. Materials that will do this include silicon (amorphous and polycrystalline) and cadmium telluride. A result from the increasing demand for solar efficient products has pushed the advancement in manufacturing these cells dramatically.

This knowledge suggests that solar cells are one of the most important parts of solar panel construction, but there are other materials needed when you are putting together your own systems. If you are not totally confident in your abilities to construct a solar panel from scratch, you can purchase one of many solar panel kits available. These kits will include everything you need to put together your own solar efficient product.

If you are determined to put together a system from scratch, then you are going to be in need of: a number of solar cells (you can get these from many different places on the web), plywood (this is going to be how your cells are collected together, solder, and tabbing wire.

Your first step is to connect the cells with the wire. You will put a small amount of solder on the back sides of each silicon cell. Ensure you first have them in series and face down. Then you are going to attach your wiring from the front of one cell to the back of another, and so on until all the cells are connected. These cells then need to be arranged in parallel rows.

These parallel rows are to be connected to your plywood. They can be attached using silicon. After the cells have been securely attached, you will need to drill some holes in the plywood in order to connect positive and negative wiring needed from the solar cells.

This solar panel construction generates and individual solar panel. If you require more energy, then you simply build more panels until you have what is required. The panels themselves can be connected in series or parallel by their positive and negative wiring. Prior to investing in materials for your solar panel construction setup, calculate the necessary energy for your home and purchase enough materials to cover your needs.

After you have enough solar panelsHealth Fitness Articles, you can connect them to your power inverter and then connect them to your home power source. If you have any doubts about these methods ensure you contact an electrician or solar energy expert.

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Jakob Jelling runs which focuses on solar power. Please visit his web site to learn more about solar panel construction.

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