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Wednesday, April 8, 2020
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Designing Your own Modern Kitchen

Most of us want what we think of as a "modern" kitchen.  But what, exactly is a modern kitchen?  Can't the term "modern" be used to describe every kitchen that employs electricity?  Technically, aren'...

Most of us want what we think of as a "modern" kitchen.  But what, exactly is a modern kitchen?  Can't the term "modern" be used to describe every kitchen that employs electricity?  Technically, aren't all kitchens considered a modern convenience?  If so, how do you get modern kitchen ideas? 

It might help, when searching for modern kitchen ideas, to narrow your focus.  What does "modern" mean to you?  Is it an art movement?  Does it refer to a specific type of technology?  Is it simply a design idea?  Figure out exactly what you want to have in your kitchen before you begin shopping.  When you start looking for modern kitchen ideas and inspiration, narrow your search to the following niches:

1.  Furniture

When choosing furniture for your modern kitchen, ask yourself if you want to use modern art as inspiration behind your furniture choices.  Modern art employs simple shapes, clean lines and bold color choices.  The fewer design elements, the happier the modern artist becomes.  A modern kitchen chair, for example, will consist usually of a single-piece seat that sits on four straight legs.  The kitchen cabinets should be in simple shapes: squares or rectangles with simply shaped handles.  These cabinets should be in bold colors or white.  Chrome handles are common in the modern kitchen.  If these ideas do not appeal to you, your modern kitchen might be based upon other design elements.

2.  Technology

How advanced do you want your modern kitchen appliances to be?  Some people love getting modern kitchen ideas from up to the minute technology websites and catalogues.  If, to you, a modern kitchen uses highly technological appliances, look for refrigerators, ranges, etc with computers installed.  A range that sits into the counter and uses a computer chip to raise the temperature of the "burners" is a modern stove.  A refrigerator with a computer chip that tells you to buy more cheese because someone ate the last piece earlier in the day would be ideal in your modern kitchen.

3.  Décor

Typically, in a modern kitchen, there is little decoration.  The most decoration will come from the color chosen for the cabinetry, furniture and appliances.  Some choose to paint everything a single color.  Others choose to paint the walls and cabinets a single color while choosing appliances and cookware that is painted in a sharply contrasting color.  If your kitchen space is small, you can create the illusion of space by choosing a single color for your walls and appliances.  If your kitchen is larger, you can create textures and a decorative feel by choosing contrasting colors.

These are just a few ways to narrow your focus when you are searching for modern kitchen ideas.  If you narrow your focus to these three major nichesHealth Fitness Articles, you can cut down your search for modern kitchen elements by a large margin.  A search that could have taken you months might only take a few days or a few hours!  Remember:  make yourself happy first and cater to the modern kitchen "directions" second.

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