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Friday, July 20, 2018
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DIY Tips for Choosing Raised Panel Exterior Shutters

Decorative Shutters provide raised Panel shutters work well with manor homes in any region, traditional Colonial homes and quaint craft cottages for any size, color at factory direct pricing.

Exterior shutters graced windows before the era of glass and before it became affordable. They served such functions as providing privacy, insulation during the hot and cold months and covering openings, among other functions. With improvements in window technology, Raised Panel Exterior Shutters have acquired new uses. They are largely used for decoration.

Despite the use of shutters in decoration, they have a functional impact on the house and demand careful consideration when choosing and installing them. If they are to block the sun, provide privacy and add to the value of your house, they have to be chosen and installed appropriately. Here are tips that will make it easy to choose shutters for your premises.

Match the Style with That of Your Entire Home

Each home has a general design. Some are Victorian while others are Mediterranean, modern, etc. This also applies to the design of Raised Panel Exterior Shutters. They should not stand out as any different from the other parts of the house. Maintaining the design requires you to consult an expert on building shutters. The expert will visit your house and recommend the design that best matches that of the rest of the structure. You may also consider checking your neighborhood for the kind of shutters they have installed. Some of the common designs include

  • Louvered- this is a historical design that provided for protection against rain even when the shutters were open. The design has been improved to enable a fixed, movable and mixed design. Make a decision based on how well each option matches the needs of your house.

  • Bold and Batten- the general design is that of a number of boards that are mounted vertically and have ‘z’ or horizontal crossing. This is another traditional design that gives your home a rustic appearance.

  • Raised Panel or Solid Panel- the best way to identify this variety is through the number of panels that complete each shutter. The common one is a three panel shutter with one at the top, another in the middle and the last at the bottom. The size of these panels depends on that of the shutter.

  • Bahama or Bermuda Shutter- they are identified by the mounting which resembles an awning placed over the window. They are common in coastal areas and are thus identified with the Bahama tag. Their Caribbean touch makes them idea for offering protection against the strong rays of the sun.

Most of these styles can be varied to match personal taste and complement the entire house. Their colors may also change depend on preference of the client. There are no restrictions on the style that must be used. However, ensure that the shutter does not crash with the appearance of the rest of the house.

Get the Correct Size

The design of the shutters should be to cover the window when closed. The appearance must be that they are usable even if this is not always the case. It is important to mirror the image and design of your window. Ensure that the rails of your shutters are properly lined to muntin, transom and lock rails of the window, among other functional and aesthetic elements.

The importance of having the right size of shutters is to maintain the aesthetic balance of the house. Further, it is impossible for the shutters to function appropriately if their size is inaccurate. They will prevent people from using nearby paths or block the window from opening perfectly. With an oversize or undersize shutter, it will be impossible to install. You will either break the glass or damage the wall.

To get the size correctly, engage a professional in production of shutters. The technician or company should be experienced in construction. With each window being unique, the technician will provide custom measurements for each window and shutter. Allowances must be provided for the proper functioning of the window.

Choose the Best Material

Shutters are available in different materials including wood, PVC, pultruded fiberglass and other composite materials. There are different reasons why you might choose each material. For instance, wood provides a classical or traditional feel to your shutters. It is also durable and can be easily manipulated to desired design. It is however expensive compared to the composite materials. Among the varieties of wood available are mahogany, cypress and cinder. Their natural colors may also determine the wood to choose. Fiber glass is easy to manipulate, affordable and durable. You, however, have to deal with the health concerns surrounding the use of fiber glass. PVC and other composite materials are affordable and easy to manipulate. However, they are not as durable and might not withstand heavy wind or pressure. If you want shutters for decoration purposes, these materials offer the most incredible variety.

Get a Recommendation

It is impossible for a homeowner to buy shutters that are poor quality. Most of these home owners buy the shutters hopping that they are the best quality only for them to be disappointed. To avoid such disappointment, get a referral from your friends, neighbors, associate, etc. This should be from a person already using the shutters. From their experience, you can tell whether a particular design, materials, manufacturer, etc will offer quality. You should also consider reading reviews or asking for assistance on social media. Referrals are more reliable because the quality of such shutters has already been tested.

What is your budget?

The market provides all types of shutters regardless of your budget. HoweverFind Article, the price will always affect the quality of shutters you get. This is not a justification for exorbitant pricing of shutters. Get quotations from different supplies to compare prices and determine where you will get the best value for money.

The quality ofraised panel exterior shutters you install determines who well they serve you. It will also determine the beauty of your house and how well all elements merge. Be ready to invest the right amount of money to get quality shutters for your house.

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Jeff Gerber is General Manager in Decorative Shutters for more than two decades. He is passionate about meeting the specific raised panel shutters needs of each customer.

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