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Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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Getting New Garage Doors

Garage doors are meant to keep your garage safe from weather and intruders. If they're falling apart or not opening well anymore, it's time to buy new ones. Here's a simple guide to buying new garage doors.

If your garage doors are sagging, falling to pieces, or generally having a hard time lifting when you want them to, it's time to buy new ones. It's a major purchase that usually costs a bit of change, but it's better than hoping and praying that they'll open when you want them to. Buying them can be a little confusing; you've got lots of options and things to consider. Here's a quick guide to getting the ones you need.

Size Matters

First off, you've got to know which size to buy. The best way to figure this out is simply to measure your old one. Most are around 8 or 9 feet by 7 feet. Doubles are usually about double the width, making them around 16 or 18 feet wide. This is a general guideline, but there is no industry standard, so do your own measuring and let that be your guide.

Insulated Or Not?

Insulated garage doors offer some perks over regular ones. Not only do they cut down on your energy bill, they turn the garage into a regular part of the house. If you use it as a play room or work area, you should consider getting insulation. If it's just the place where you park the cars and store junk you don't use, go with non-insulated. Insulation is a special feature that'll push the price up a little, so get it only if you need it.

Steel Vs. Wood

The next step is to decide if you'd like the natural beauty of wood or the efficiency of steel. Wood is attractive, stylish, and comes in many design options, but it's high maintenance. You've got to get it painted every year or so and watch it for cracks. Although beautiful, wooden ones will cost a little more in the long run. Steel is easy and low maintenance, but it doesn't look so good. It's basically a decision between beauty and convenience.

Design Features

While you're upgrading, this can be a good time to give your home a new look. You've got lots to choose from, including window placement, finish, and color. You can also enjoy the new features that the latest models of remote control offer. You can get a tiny remote that fits on your key ring. New safety features include "rolling" codes that constantly change, making it impossible for somebody else to get in.

Where To Buy

Locate a local dealer, especially any that may have been recommended by friends or family. You can always buy from the Internet, but it's much better to see it firsthand. This is a major feature of your house, and it's got to be perfect. Once you've located a local dealer, check out their showroom and see what they have to offer. Make sure that whoever you buy from offers a full warranty for your purchase. Make sure they carry a warranty for both the door and the installation.

When your garage doors are about to fall off your house, this is a great time to get something new that'll improve the look of your home. Instead of calling the repairmanFeature Articles, head to your local showroom and see what they've got.

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