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Thursday, June 27, 2019
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Home Surveillance Cameras - Why You Shouldn't Have Them in Your Home

Home surveillance cameras are an excellent way to protect your family and possessions. Sarcastically discusses the reasons why you should not get them.

Have you seen those TV commercials about home surveillance cameras? They depict a criminal breaking into a home where a mother and her child are home alone. They do indeed reveal a scary scenario.

But the commercial ends on a surprising note as the cameras pick up the unwanted person crashing through the door. The ad almost makes me believe the end would have been entirely different had it not been for the cameras and the alarm system.

I know you're going to think I'm nuts. But those ads got me thinking about why I shouldn't have home surveillance cameras installed in various rooms in my house.

Here are my reasons:

1. Security. Why in the world would I want to keep my home and family safe? Shouldn't it be my strong desire to put them at risk and let them fend for themselves when they're at home alone?

2. Cost. Why would I want to invest in a product that's probably going to cost me quite a bit of money? Sure, I could do some comparison shopping or even keep my eyes open for company specials, but really, wouldn't my budget be better off without taking more out of it?

3. Baby cam. Why would I want to keep my eyes on my baby as he settles in for the night? Shouldn't I just let him alone and hope for the best?

4. Nanny cam. Sure I have my suspicions the nanny I hired recently may be robbing me blind, but hey, she has rights and needs her privacy.
5.Outdoor areas. Why would I want to observe my pool area where unwanted children could stray and take advantage of free pool privileges?

6. Protection. Why would I want to install one near my garage so I can keep my eye on my new luxury car?

See what I mean?

Honestly, I just can't understand why anyone would want to install home surveillance cameras anywhere in or around their home. I would much rather save my money and just keep my eyes open. Oh, I realize I can't be home all the time, and I can't be everywhere at once, but I'll take my chances. After all, we have a neighborhood watch. They'll watch my house and car.

You can't convince me that home surveillance cameras would help me keep my home and family safe from harm or danger.

Besides, I work out. I'm in pretty good shape. I'll just fend off the intruders myself. I don't feel the need for the cameras to take a picture of an intruder so he can be identified later. I can do that. But, I realize there's a chance I could be knocked out from behind and not even see the guy. But again, intruders have their rights too.

Who am I to invade their privacy?

No. I think I will remain ignorant and unprotected. That way if anything does happenHealth Fitness Articles, at least the rights and privacy of the criminals will be protected.

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