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Friday, April 10, 2020
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How Long Do Mattresses Last Generally?

These typically have a lifespan of 8 years. A continuous coil mattress tends to last longer, as its single coil is less likely to break.

When you want to purchase the best twin mattress for daybed the number one question that comes to your mind is how long it will last. A mattress is one of those Investments we make with hopes of having it around for years.

The lifespan of a mattress is generally how long it can keep its original state of comfort as well as support. Knowing how long it will last is quite difficult because there is no solid answer to that question. However, in this article, we shall discuss more the lifespan so that we can estimate how long mistresses last.

How long should a mattress last?

Mattresses are generally meant to last for several years before you have to replace them. The lifespan also depends on the type of mattress material used while making it. In that case, you will find that some mattresses will last longer than others. The different types of mattresses include.

  • Latex mattresses

These are way more superior to the others and they can last for up to 15 years with proper maintenance.

  • Memory foam mattresses

These can last for about 10 years and are less prone to sagging.

  • Innerspring mattresses

These types of mattresses have a lifespan of about seven to eight years due to thin coil springs that lose strength with time.

  • Waterbed mattresses

These are capable of lasting between 7 to 9 years. They don't have springs which can break pushing their durability to the average.

  • Hybrid mattresses

These are made with a comforting layer as well as a pocketed coil at the core. Their life span is short as they will need replacement after 6 years.

  • Air mattresses

This lasts for about five years when constantly used. This is because the air can start leaking after a while.

  • Futon mattresses

These also have a very short life span of about 5 years when properly taken care of.


What Affects The Lifespan Of A Mattress?

There are several things that affect the lifespan of a mattress. These include the following:



People with more bodyweight put more pressure onto a mattress. This can result in more compression which can greatly reduce the lifespan of a mattress. The pressure a lightweight or average person can put on a mattress will not be the same and you'll find that such a mattress will last longer than that a heavy person sleeps on.


The maintenance of a mattress generally means cleaning. When you don't clean your mattress in a given period, you can turn the mattress into a home for bacteria insects and other dangerous things. This can end up damaging the mattress, in general, reducing its life span.

Frequent use

We all know that anything you use frequently will not be in the same condition as that you do not use frequently. The same applies to mattresses.


Any activity that you choose to do on your mattress like eating on it, placing heavy objects among others. These can greatly reduce the lifespan or damage your mattress.

How to know that your mattress needs replacement

  • When the bed becomes very noisy immediately you climb it.
  • When you don't get the same comfort as before.
  • Getting asthma or other allergies once you sleep on the air mattress.
  • The mattress having saggy areas.
  • Getting a poor night's sleep.
  • Feeling the coils on your bed poking your skin.


How to Increase the Lifespan of Your Mattress

If you want your mattress to last longer, then you need to take care of it properly. These tips can help you extend the life of your mattress.


  • Cleaning it

Carry out regular cleaning to extend the mattress's lifespan. There are different ways you can do this one is regularly by yourself and also professionally after a given period. This can help to remove mold, dust, bacteria as well as mildew that can be eating away your mattress.

  • Mattress protector

A mattress protector is one of the things you should buy immediately you buy a mattress. It will protect your mattress from spillage accidents plus minimize surface abrasion.

  • Keep away the pets

We all love our pets but you need to take extra precautions when you have some around especially when you don't own a mattress protector. Pets urine and Claws can damage a mattress easily. Therefore, is best to keep them away and get them their own mattresses.

  • Flip the mattress

Regardless of the type of mattress you own, you can always flip it regularly or after a while. This way you will increase its lifespan. It will also allow even wear on both sides.


The best twin mattress for daybed is one that can last you years of comfortable service. Finding the right one will guarantee a longer lifespan but you'll also have to take care of it to ensure just that. For more informationFree Web Content, you can visit Ilebel to get more details.

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