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Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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Natural Cork Flooring; Sustainable and Eco-friendly Flooring Products

If you are thinking of a home improvement project that involves installing new floors, there are so many different flooring types to choose from. These varieties include; hardwood floors, ceramic floors, concert floors, vinyl floors, rubber and laminate floors.

 It is slightly hard to research every flooring solution and figure out the best alternative for your home. With natural cork based flooring, your job will be reduced to a great extent.

Natural cork floorings are wood based, sustainable and eco-friendly flooring products. To fully comprehend how natural cork based flooring is both eco-friendly and sustainable, you require knowing more about cork. This is the main ingredient in cork based flooring, along with a few other products depending on the produce.

Cork is in fact made from bark that has been obtained from cork oak trees. Business producers of cork only remove a thin layer from the tree trunk, leaving the cork oak tree unharmed. You should think about environmental conservation as well. Therefore, killing the oak trees is not really necessary.

Many countries producing cork have stringent laws protecting oak trees and the harvesting procedure. Natural cork flooring has quite a few benefits as well. Moreover, it seems to have similar benefits as other flooring products.

The most significant benefits are sturdiness and comfort thanks to the corks ordinary cellular make-up. Cork materials have billions of minute honeycomb shaped cells that have trapped gaseous material. This gives the cork tremendous durability since it absorbs impacts, shocks and other physical impacts.

Nonetheless, this also allows cork in cushioning your feet and joints making natural cork flooring a brilliant solution for your kitchen, where you spend most of your time standing. 

Cork is also naturally defiant to mold, mildew, moisture, bacteria and allergens. Due to this, cork makes an excellent option for flooring products in bathrooms and basements. What’s amazing about natural cork is the fact that it’s also hypoallergenic-this is the ability of resisting allergens like dust, pet hair, dander and pollen.

Cork floors are also very beautiful and eye-catching. Their color, pattern differences and shades of cork compete against any other sort of wood flooring. On the other hand, manufactures have been able to actually add dye in their manufacturing process so as to achieve almost any color the customer might need.

Therefore, if you want a stunning, sturdy, comfy flooring resolution that rivals other competitor products, then you need to find out more regarding natural cork flooring. You can easily learn more by viewing pictures of cork flooring in households.

Moreover, cork flooring is an excellent flooring type used in relieving foot pain and joint strain as well. This makes it very striking for rooms where you find yourself standing for long periods of time, such as kitchens. For most flooring in wine cellars, cork flooring is the most fashionable choice. It is so beautiful with a stunning springy natureFind Article, meaning that bottles are less likely to smash when accidentally dropped!

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