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Wednesday, January 23, 2019
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Pressure Cleaning With Greater Perspective

Pressure cleaning also known by “Pressure Washing” is a special type of cleaning and washing technique which uses high pressure jet propulsion of water in order to remove any form of dirt and unwant...

Pressure cleaning also known by “Pressure Washing” is a special type of cleaning and washing technique which uses high pressure jet propulsion of water in order to remove any form of dirt and unwanted soil from particular surface. The different forms of dirt that can be removed are; soil, paint, muck etc from walls or roads. Even unwanted roughness from different pathways for vehicular movement ; especially from runways in order to have a smooth take off by the flights; these pressure cleaning technology can be used. Several types of gum; metal chips and all other unnecessary dirt can be washed away from the machine’s surfaces of industry by this methodology.

The main thing that is actually done in this case is the enhancement of water pressure step by step by proper engineering devices and finally the high pressurized water jet comes out of a small nozzle with huge amount of force and speed. This high pressure water stream is capable of rinsing any sort of stain or undue dirt and dust from any type of surface. The pressure range generally varies from 1000 psi (or 6 Mpa) to 25,000 psi (i.e:-170 MPa). Depending on the pressure effectiveness the pressure cleaning instruments have been classified into four categories. Those are Low Pressure water cleaner, High Pressure Water Cleaner, Ultra high pressure water jetting machine etc. Apart from the industrial and automobile uses, this method is so simple and easy that can be used for household purposes too.

We will now discuss some important uses of this pressure washing method.

First of all as stated earlier this set up is mainly used for cleaning purposes. Besides this cleaning the method is applicable for producing special type of surfaces required for various purposes. Say for example for removing various types of coatings and paints from concrete or asphalt surfaces to give them new layer of coatings. The method of ultra jet high pressure washing is used here. The old coatings and layers are washed away completely at first and here after the new coating is sprayed all over the surface. High pressure water jet is mainly used to remove stains and paints from roads, parking zones, runways and metal surfaces in industrial sectors. It is able to remove the elastomeric, rubber type of membranes.

Secondly, we will discuss the method of airfield rubber removal from the runways for proper landing of the aero planes. Actually the runways require a certain amount of friction for the proper stoppage of the flights at a safe distance. But in the monsoon season, due to the excessive rain fall sometimes it has been observed that some amount of rubber gets deposited over the runway, decreasing the friction of the path. So the plane wills require longer path for the stoppagePsychology Articles, thus the chance of accidents increase in this way. Huge pressurized water from the pressure cleaning machine can remove this sort of rubber and slippery materials present over the runway.

Last but not the list this type of high pressure water stream can be used for the removal of graffiti and unwanted dirt from walls and surfaces.

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