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Friday, February 21, 2020
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Small Bathtubs can mean Big Relaxation

Many homes are equipped with the standard five foot bathtub. In many cases this compromises a lot of the potential space in the bathroom, making it hard to move about. Even if you have a large spacious bathroom, small bathtubs are a great option to consider.  These small bathtubs may not be what your used to, but trust me when I say they’ll grow on you!

Small bathtubs are designed with relaxation in mind. Sure, they don’t have the big luxurious look of a large claw foot tub, but they soak your entire body! Let me explain. The recent movement in tubs is to be deeper while being shorter. This is beneficial because you’re saving a lot of space in your bathroom but still being immersed in water to achieve the soak you were craving.  You no longer use the horizontal position while being in the tub, in small bathtubs you sit.

Many small bathtubs have seats in them for comfort. You’ll be in the upright position, so the small bathtubs are designed with this element in mind. Sitting on the bottom of a rounded or flat tub just would not enhance the bathing experience. By placing these nice, comfortable seats, more comfort an relaxation is achieved.

Small bathtubs give you the chance to soak all the way to your neck with ease, instead of trying to lie as flat as possible in a standard tub, hoping to be immersed.  By reclining in these small bathtubs, you are able to achieve a full body soak without having to cover or dip your head.

This is beneficial for many people who are prone to ear infections or aches because while ninety percent of your body is immersed, you are able to keep your head dry. In standard bathtubs this is almost unattainable because you have to slide all the way in to fully soak.
Small bathtubs free up a lot of space in bathrooms. By choosing a small bathtub, you could add new accents or décor to your space. Many people have installed small shower units as well, creating a unified but classier look.

By eliminating the standard five foot tub from the equation, you are eliminating your overhead shower as well. By installing a small shower cubicle, you are creating the ideal situation! When thinking of small bathtubs, you think of soaking, relaxing, and enjoying. But, when you think of a shower you think of its efficiency and how it is used to cleanse yourself.

By distinguishing the two as their own units, you get a much more luxurious feel to the room. Small bathtubs are made of fiberglass, meaning they can be molded. This is great because you can get a mold of practically any shape or size you desire. Small bathtubs also come in a few varieties. Some small bathtubs come equipped with a door.

This can be beneficial to people of a shorter stature or for the elderly or disabled that have trouble stepping into a taller tub. Although the door could be beneficial, you also have to consider the downside. When filling or emptying these small bathtubs, the door must be closed. This means you have to be sitting in the tub when it is filling and also while it is draining.

Another problem with these small bathtubs is the potential of a door leak. This sometimes occurs, though not always, and requires maintenance repairs. Small bathtubs are ideal for any size roomFind Article, whether it be big or small. These tubs have many benefits and give you more space to decorate as you wish!

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