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Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Solar Water Heaters Go The Extra Mile

Solar water heaters are not the solar powered version of the tankless water heating system. The solar aspect of the title has to do with how the water is heated. Solar water heaters provide an opportunity to save your money while still having the benefit of hot water in your home.

Solar water heaters have been around for 90 years. They are the next step in harvesting and utilizing solar energy for daily use. Yes, these water heaters do experience some of the same set backs as conventional water heating systems such as pipe freeze in extreme weather, but there are so many benefits to look into. There are so many opportunities to save your money and still have the benefit of hot water in your home. But you have to decide for yourself, are they the most efficient or just the greenest option available?

The sun spreads its powerful solar rays all across this galaxy year round. But how can we use it? In 1960 there began further development and understanding of the potential of solar energy for both commercial and residential purposes. We also began to understand that the sun rise and the sun set are pertinent to the maximizing of solar energy and not a road block. No, from the same spot on this planet, the sunís solar energy is not as abundant at 12 midnight as it is at 12 noon, but it can be stored throughout the day. This is why solar powered devices like the solar water heaters, vehicles, and other utilities have become more and more useful and prevalent in our daily lives.

Solar powered mechanisms not only make life easier, they make it a lot less expensive. The sunís rays are free. So, as the price of crude oil continues to threaten gas prices and the efficiency of heating and cooling our homes gets pricier by the season, scientists and solar systems contractors found yet another way to revolutionize the water heating system, in this time of greener consciousness.

Solar water heaters are not the solar powered version of the tankless water heating system. The solar aspect of the title has to do with how the water is heated. There are two parts to this system: the solar collectors and the storage tank(s). The solar collectors are equipped with a special glaze coating on the walls of the box or components or there are tubes throughout the collectors that contain a heat transfer fluid, which is also useful in climates where residents and businesses find the temperature is often below freezing in the winter months. Further, the solar water heater still utilizes the conventional tank water heater as a back up tank as well as additional heating of the water, particularly during cloudy or severe weather.

There are two types of solar water heaters for either commercial or residential use. The active water heater uses fans and pumps to circulate and heat the water while the passive system does not. Under both water heating system types there are several devices to choose from to meet your regional weather disturbances, rainfall collectionFree Web Content, and space for installation so that you may enjoy the most efficient solar water heaters possible.

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