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Monday, September 28, 2020
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Style at Home: Tips for Decorating Awkward Spaces

Do you have an awkward corner or craggy nook in your house that you hate? Well, worry not folks. It is time to embrace that part of the house and transform it into something classy and modern. We have compiled a bunch of tips for you to decorate the most awkward spaces inside your house.

Behind the Door Decor

We all enjoy empty spaces when we first shift into a new house. But soon we want color in every possible nook and cranny. A place which might need your attention is the back of the door. Doors are not open all the time, and once they are closed, they leave behind a sad, empty wall. You do not need to crowd the area behind the door and make it impossible to open it. What you can do is put a hanging mirror or a wall decoration. If there is more room, you can even add a small console table. 

Styling a Corner

Corners are usually the most ignored parts of our house. Most people would fill this area with a coat hanger or something much worse like an abandoned piece of furniture. The question remains: How to style an uncomfortable corner? Use the area to hang plants or lanterns. If the corner is too small, you can hang a single lampshade with a bulb. This will give instant energy to the entire room and light it up too!

Top of a Cabinet

It can become impossible to keep a kitchen tidy. No matter how much storage you have, there will always be this random bunch of pots/pans peeking out of the cabinets. We have a simple solution that would help decorate that awkward corner and tidy up your kitchen. We often leave the top of the cabinets empty as it is super inconvenient to keep anything that would be hard to reach out.

What you could do is decorate it with your most stylish pieces of crockery. This could give your kitchen a neat look in a matter of minutes. If you do not have space on top of the shelves, you could put up some wooden shelves and decorate them using your finest dishware.

Narrow Walls

There is usually a section in between rooms that are divided by narrow walls. How to make a narrow wall pretty? You could put up a small chalkboard, this could especially be fun if you have kids around the house. Use the board to write down motivational messages. You could ask a member of the family to write down a message for everyone on a daily basis. This could help nurture communication among the members of the household even during a busy routine.

Spice up that Annoying Diagonal Wall

We all have a diagonal wall in our house that we are trying our best to ignore. But what if there are ways you can decorate the wall and use it to make your house even prettier than before. Choose a painting for your diagonal wall that would fit right in. You can even put up a spotlight to give the area more dimension.

Hallway Decoration

We often underestimate hallways in the house. You could use hallways for so much more than just a way to connect one room to another. It is true that some hallways are awkward and can barely hold any décor. But, one thing you could take care of is the lighting inside the hall. Hallways should be illuminated with warm and glowing lighting. You could even use hanging lamps or lanterns to add a more dramatic touch.

Depending on the size of your hall, you could add a console table along with a few matching frames. Moreover, you could hand family portraits in the hallway as well to give it a more personalized look. In case your hallway is connecting your children’s room, you could hang a chalkboard along the length of your hallway for renewable decor.

Underneath Tall Windows

If you have moved into a house with windows extending from the roof to the floor, there are very few ways you can utilize the space. As much as we are a fan of decorating small areas, the area in front of the windows is meant to be left alone. However, if you happen to have wall space underneath the window you can add a small bench. This will create a seating space which will be perfect for taking those sunny selfies.

Behind your Living Room Sofa

If you have a big area for a living room, you probably have your furniture a little scattered. You can add definition to the back of your couch by putting a console table behind it. Make the most of the space and add a few baskets underneath. The length of the baskets depends on the size of your console. You could add a lamp, a bunch of frames and a few books to complete the look.

Around Unwanted Wiring

If you have shifted inside an old house, there might be some unwanted wiring around the house. You’ve probably spent a great deal of time trying to hide those bits of electrical work. What you could do is fit a thin canvas behind the wiring and use pins to hang a calendar, post-its or cute family pictures.

Underneath the Stair Case

Do not underestimate it when we say that the greatest places in your house are those that are hidden. Have you ever considered revamping the space underneath your staircase? It could be the greatest decision you ever took. Step one would be to make this area as clutter-free as possible. Dirty carpets are the biggest turn-off in tiny places. You could get the services of reliable London carpet cleaners to help you get a fresh look. Moreover, hang around a few frames and keep a cute little bench underneath to match the look. The kind of bench you want depends on the overall theme of your house. You can go classy or modernScience Articles, all depends on your taste.

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