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Saturday, July 20, 2019
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Sump Pump Ė Basement Flooding, Prevention Costs Less Than Repair

As home improvement projects go, flood proofing your basement usually falls far behind more glamorous tasks like re-siding or landscaping, but this is one area that you canít afford to ignore. Here are a few ways to prevent flood damage in your home.

Basement flooding is one of the most serious and expensive problems a homeowner can encounter. If you take the time to understand the causes of flooding, you can do a pretty effective job of lessening its impact or preventing it all together. Itís definitely worth your time since basement flooding can cause damage to your property, your electrical systems, and even your health.

One of the most basic issues that can cause flooding is cracks. This includes cracks in your basement floor, cracks in your foundation, and even cracks in your driveway or walkway if it is adjacent to the house. You should inspect your basement thoroughly to make sure you donít see any cracks and if you do, patch them up thoroughly as soon as possible. Cracks in the floor are especially important to patch because water in the soil will want to rise, and any rupture in your basement floor is an invitation to let it do so.

Another factor in basement flooding, which is a little harder to adjust for, is the situation of your house on your plot of land. Ideally, youíre going to want your home to be on the highest point on your property so that water runs away from it. If your home is located at a lower point in the grade of your land, all that run off is headed straight for your house. If this is the case, you might want to consider installing a trench drain, sometimes referred to as a French drain, on your property or a sump pump.

One more factor that can lead to basement flooding is blocked gutters. If youíre gutters are not kept clean and clear, water is not able to run away from your house. This means it ends up running straight down towards your foundation, and it isnít hard to imagine why that might be a problem, so keep those gutters clean!

If flooding is a pervasive problem in your area, your basement should be equipped with a sump pump. If you donít already have one, this is a crucial investment to make. There are several versions of the device. Most sit in a ďsump pump pit.Ē When water begins to flood the pitScience Articles, the pump is activated. It will draw the water out and deposit it into the sewer lines or your septic system.

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