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Saturday, April 17, 2021
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Sun-Mar Composting Toilets - A Few More Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in composting toilets and how they work, this article is a great place to begin your research.  We'll share a few of our most frequently asked questions about Sun-Mar composting toilet systems.

Let's face it, composting toilets are a very complex and little understood product.  Many consumers don't even realize that compost toilets are actually odorless and present a great eco-friendly alternative for residential homes in urban and suburban areas.  Through our website, we receive all kinds of questions from our visitors and customers about composting toilet systems, how they work, and their various pros and cons.  Below are a few more of our most frequently asked questions that may be helpful to other consumers who are considering a composting toilet system or simply comparing brands.  Please be sure to note that all the information in this article pertains specifically to Sun-Mar composting toilet systems.

1. Do I have to use a special kind of toilet paper in a composting toilet?
No.  You can use any type of toilet paper you want, it will break down without a problem.

2. Can baby wipes, tampons, diaper liners, paper towels, or other similar items be put in the toilet?
No.  We recommend keeping these and similar products out of the toilet because they can affect the capacity.  When you choose a compost toilet system, the most important consideration is the capacity rating.  Sun-Mar systems have capacity ratings based on the number of people using the toilet per day.  If you add other products to the toilet, this will throw off the capacity and can cause a problem.

3. How do I clean my Sun-Mar system?
The outside of the toilet can be cleaned using any type of regular household cleaner of your choosing.  Around the rim of the bowl and inside the bowl of the toilet, we recommend using Compost Quick Cleaning Spray.  This is a special toilet and bowl cleaner designed for composting toilets.  It contains a compost accelerating agent that will aide in the breakdown process of your compost.  If you don't want to use Compost Quick, you can also use a solution of hot water and baking soda.  You should not use chemical toilet bowl cleaners in your composting toilet, because these products can kill the aerobic bacteria that are a vital part of the composting process.

4. Is a compost toilet difficult to install?  Do I need a professional installer?
No.  In most cases, Sun-Mar composting toilets are a do-it-yourself installation.  Before purchasing any system, be sure to download a copy of the product manual which contains complete installation instructions.  We encourage our customers to read these manuals thoroughly before purchasing a unit so they will understand what is involved in installing the system before it arrives.

5. What is the expected life of a composting toilet?
The expected life of a Sun-Mar compost toilet is 20 to 25 years.  However, homeowners should expect that some parts in the toilet, such as electrical fans or heatersArticle Search, may wear out sooner and need to be replaced.  Replacement components are readily available directly from the manufacturer.

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