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Tuesday, November 12, 2019
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Surviving Without Heating and Air Conditioning

Sometimes extreme temperatures happen but the heating and air conditioning isn't working. Here are some steps to take in cases of emergencies.

Without heating and air conditioning, surviving in extreme temperatures or situations can become difficult. If a home is located in a very hot climate, such as the deserts of Arizona, it most likely has AC. If a house is located in North Dakota where blizzards are commonplace during the winter, it will be crucial to have an adequate heater. These units often break down at the worst possible time. If a homeowner lives in a region that usually has a mild climate in the winter or summer, he or she may not even have a heater or AC. If a fluke storm or weather condition occurs, this can become a dire situation for residents without heating and air conditioning systems. When Mother Nature runs amok or an HVAC unit breaks down, there are steps to take in order to survive. Here are some things to think about:

- In freezing temperatures without a heater: Freezing temperatures without heating can lead to hypothermia, frostbite and even death. There are several things that a person can do to stay warm in freezing climates. Putting multiple layers of clothing on will retain body heat more effectively than just putting on one heavy coat. Wearing a hat will also help prevent loss of body heat as the head is one of the areas that experiences lots of energy loss. Hands and feet are also known escape routes of lost body warmth so layering socks and gloves will help, too. Eating high energy foods that contain lots of fat and carbohydrates will keep the internal furnace stoked. Doing exercises that are isometric will warm up the muscles and bloodstreams but won't make the exerciser sweat. Perspiration is a human being's natural cooling system, so should be prevented in this case.

- If stuck in triple digits without AC: Whether a person is inside a house or somewhere in the great outdoors, triple digit temperatures can lead to heatstroke, exhaustion, dehydration or even death. One of the first things to be aware of is the need to stay out of direct sunlight. If indoors, close all of the blinds, curtains or shades. If outside, find some shade to sit or lie down in. If outside, it's important to be aware that boulders, asphalt and sandy terrain absorb the sunshine and will radiate it out again. Drinking as much water as possible is a must. Not only will this keep individuals hydrated, it will also allow them to perspire, which is the human body's natural cooling system. Wearing wet clothing or spray bottle dousing will help, too. It's important to stay still whenever possible because moving around heats up the body.

Human beings have amazing bodily thermostat regulation systems that can adapt to a broad range of temperatures. When blizzards or extremely hot weather occurs and a person doesn't have any heating and air conditioning, this creates a dangerous situation to health and wellbeing. In times like thisFree Web Content, individuals should put in an emergency call to their HVAC repairperson and kick into survival mode in the meantime.

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