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Friday, September 18, 2020
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The Features Of Triple Pane Windows

Windows were originally made from a single pane of glass, before the innovation of double panes were introduced. Now triple pane windows are available, which hold many advantages over the previous two types. These windows will usually be more expensive, however for many people they are worth the extra cost. There are several reasons why triple pane windows are considered to be particularly energy efficient.

An Extra Layer Of Insulation
Put very simply, the reason that windows have advanced from single to double to triple panes is that the more panes there are the greater the thermal insulation properties the window will have. There will be more barriers for heat energy to have to pass through to escape. To aid in this insulation, in between each pane an inert gas is trapped. This is usually krypton or argon. This gas makes it very difficult for any heat to pass through the window, and therefore keeps it trapped within the house.

Efficient Use Of Frames And Spacers
In order for triple pane windows to work efficiently as thermal insulators the distance between each pane must be precisely measured. This is accomplished with the use of spacers, which are made from materials with high insulating properties, such as silicone foam or stainless steel. The frames of triple pane windows can be made from wood, metal, vinyl, or a composite material. These frames will often be thermally improved to provide more efficient thermal insulation.

A Layer Of Low Emissivity Glass
The middle layer in triple pane windows will often have a low emissivity film or coating. This metal oxide coating is a way of measuring how energy efficient a window is. It is used in these windows because it reflects radiant infra-red energy, whilst allowing visible light through. This means that low emissivity glass is very effective at trapping warm air within a building. It is now very commonly used because it has the added benefit of also reflecting the sun's powerful rays, meaning that homes with this glass fitted will remain cool in summer.

A Reduction In Noise Pollution
As has been stated, the extra layer used in triple pane windows makes it very difficult for heat energy to be lost from a house, thereby making them incredibly energy efficient. These windows have the added benefit of reducing the impact of outside noise. The extra thickness of the windows means that they work much better at deflecting sound waves, meaning that people who have triple pane windows installed do not have to be disturbed by annoying external noise.

It can be seen that there are many advantages to owning triple pane windowsFree Reprint Articles, more so even than windows with double panes. The extra expense of these windows can be justified by the increase in energy efficiency and sound reducing quality which they provide. 

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