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Thursday, January 21, 2021
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Using Garage Doors for Pranks

Garage doors that aren't in working order may be blessings in disguise if you like pulling pranks on people. Find out two possible ways to use your garage door problems to seek revenge.

While working garage doors have obvious functions, nonworking ones can be used to achieve a few mischievous aims. If you're the kind of person that balks at the idea of paying it forward and, instead, can't wait for "payback time," intentionally failing to have the gate to your vehicle vault serviced might be right up your alley. In case you lack the creativity to fuel your pranks and jokes, here are two unkind uses for damaged and otherwise incapacitated garage doors:

Annoying the Neighbor Across the Street

Did your neighbor borrow your rake last autumn, and conveniently "forget" to return it to you? Or maybe the holiday light show across the street was enough to make your three strands of white lights look as lame as they actually were or, worse, shine into your bedroom window, keeping you awake each night throughout December? Whatever the reason, if the largest opening to your home is unobstructed as a result of a problematic closure, its remaining in an open position will be annoying to those living across the street from you. This potential for frustration will be heightened if your neighbors' home has its largest window facing yours. Staring into the unsightly abyss of your messy garage, with its door hanging askew, may even be enough to help them find your rake or tone down next year's light display, or at least donate a few dozen strands to your own pathetic attempt at joining the festivities.

Please note that this option may not be possible for you if you live in an area with a fastidious homeowners' association that sends out representatives to measure grass length and check for your compliance in other rigorous standards. If that's the case, they'd probably be serious about the hour limit for keeping your garage doors open, too.

Keeping Family Members Out of Your Reserved Spot

Are you tired of having your newly licensed teenager taking your spot in the garage? Or maybe the culprit is your spouse, mother-in-law, or roommate. Whoever is rolling into your vehicle's very sacred spot, you can make them wish they'd never tried to park in your place. All you need is a malfunctioning opener or at least one that has dead batteries. Make sure the garage door's inability to open is not eliminated. Each time you pull up, appear to go through a lengthy process that involves checking the fuse box, rubbing candle wax along the tracks, and even doing runners' stretches and/or lifting weights before manually pulling it into its open position. 

If, for some reason, your pretentious attempts at deterring your other household members' parking in the spot do not work, use a working remote to lower the door onto their vehicle as it enters the garage. Be sure to be out of sight when you do this, so that you can eliminate the prospect of blame. If you own the vehicle in question, you may want to consider your insurance deductible before going through with this approach.

In case you aren't sadisticArticle Search, the obvious alternative to using your problematic garage door to the disadvantage of others would be to have it repaired. 

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