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Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Water Cooler: Caring For Your Equipment

By properly maintaining your water cooler equipment, you are effectively able to increase the odds of the water inside it remaining sanitary and fresh for longer amounts of time. Overall, the amount of maintenance that goes into a caring for your cooler is relatively easy and stress free.†

Routine cleanings are recommended every six weeks or so; or at least each time a container is switched for a new one. This regular maintenance is greatly able to help in the prevention of various contamination caused by bacteria.†
Cleaning Solution
Try using a bleach solution. Begin with a gallon of water and add one tablespoon of bleach. Allow this solution to mix thoroughly prior to moving forward with the cleaning process.†
The Tap
Prior to using the water dispenser, be sure to unplug the unit from the electric outlet. Wearing a pair of rubber gloves, apply the bleach mix around the unit with a sponge or wash cloth to adequately scrub the dispenser. Once the unit has been gone through, leave your materials to soak inside. Allow for a good five minute period to pass and rinse both the dispenser and reservoir completely.†
Rinsing can be accomplished through running running the dispenser under cold water until the bleach solution has been removed. Likewise, proper cleaning of the reservoir should be accomplished by way of pouring a few cups from the sink, though the unit. Be sure to keep an extra container nearby In case overflow occurs.
Dip Tray
Use a light detergent to clean the tray, using it to clean the tray once it has been removed from the cooler. Rinse the tray with cool water thoroughly prior to returning it to the unit.†
Bottle Replacement
The number one rule of bottle replacement is making sure your hands have been cleaned prior. Wipe the neck of the bottle using a paper towel and ensure that the expiration date is still good to go. Do not attempt to lift the bottle if you are unsure of whether you will be able to move it properly. These bottles tend to be rather heavy and can cause back injury if not lifted using the proper methods. Next, remove the cap from the mouth of the bottle and place upside down onto the dispenser. Itís also a good idea to avoid touching the spigot with hand or other objects. This will help in preventing bacterial growth.†
All bottles should be stored in an area which that is deemed clean and well-ventilated. Bottles should not be near or in the same vicinity of paint of other chemicals in order to avoid contamination through these substances. In hopes of retaining fresh bottlesFree Reprint Articles, owners should avoid storage areas which expose them to large amounts of direct sunlight.

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