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Thursday, October 28, 2021
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What is the History Behind Roman Blinds?

For those people searching for the ideal blinds and shutters in Sydney for their homes, one popular option is Roman Blinds.

They are very stylish, elegant and hugely functional, while not being too heavy on the purse as well. These blinds are easy to operate, and the fabric stacks up and folds up when being opened, so it provides very clean and clear, minimalist approach for a room’s interior. Since Roman Blinds are ideally made of fabric, they come in an array of colours and types of fabrics, from sheer to even blackout, for those who want to block out the sun completely. 

If you research a bit regarding Roman Blinds, you will see that it has quite a long and colourful history. 

Roman Blinds first came into being during the Roman Empire (hence its name), over 2000 years ago, created to be extremely functional. At that time there was no concern of whether the item was aesthetically pleasing or not, but rather that it served the purpose it was meant to, since blinds were invented to find a solution to an issue brought forward by another Roman invention, the Roman roads. 

When the Roman roads started coming up, people found that the construction work on the roads created a lot of dust, and even after being built the horse drawn carriages that travelled on the roads combined with the hot weather started to create a lot of dust, and it became almost impossible for people living and working next to these roads. As a solution to the problem, people started to cover up their windows by hanging up dampened cloth, thick paper and even animal skins, which protected them both from the dust, as well as kept their homes cool during the hot times of the day. As time went by, people started to realise that they needed to make those covering look nice, since thy were up in their homes for most part of the day. Hence, they began to decorate and colour them, creating mosaics and other wall paintings, to make them more aesthetically pleasing. 

As time went by and these covering got more and more popular among the general public, people started to create them with more elaborate designs, and even operating methods. The cord and drawstring system was introduced which made it easier to open and close the blinds, and they were decorated with extravagant trimmings to make them look fabulous and expensive. 

In modern times, these Roman Blinds have involved a great deal into being much more functional, easier to operate and provide the best aesthetics for your home. They can be made in a vast range of materials and fabrics, and come in many colours. There are also those who experiment with different prints, which have created a nice option for decorating children’s rooms and other areas of a home. 

The many advantages offered by Roman Blinds, as opposed to other blinds and shutters in Sydney are:

  • Limitless design options – From the fabric to the colours and the fold options, you can customise these blinds in any way you want, to suit your own personal tastes and your home’s current interior. The options are limitless and sometimes it could be overwhelming as well, if you are new to this area. In terms of materials, in recent years there have been blinds made from very sustainable and eco-friendly materials such as Bamboo etc, which give a totally different look to the classic fabric Roman Blinds.
  • Light control – The pleated style of Roman Blinds offers great control of light for the room, even though it may not provide as much control as other types of blinds. You can still choose how much of the blind you want to keep open to let in light, and thereby making it a very functional blind to select.
  • Timeless styles – As you can see, these types of blinds have been around for more than 2,000 years, and are still popular among home owners, so it is not likely to go out of style any time soon.
  • Privacy – Roman Blinds are made from one continuous piece of fabric; hence they provide greater privacy to the room.
  • Insulation – There are many options of lining the fabric of Roman Blinds with UV resistant materials, which can give them greater insulation properties and thereby save on your energy bills as well.
  • Affordable and versatile – These blinds are ideal for any room, and are very affordable. Their construction is very simple, yet offer a lot of style and elegance too. 

When looking for the best Roman Blinds in Sydney, don’t forget to check out reputed vendors as they will offer you the best after sales service and care and warranty for your product as wellFree Articles, especially if you are thinking of getting the blinds motorised.

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