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Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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When Your Air Conditioning and Heating Systems Break Down

Air conditioning and heating systems are great until they break down. Here are some tips to get you through until everything is running again.

When a homeowner's air conditioning and heating system breaks down, it can be a rough few days to get through until the repair technician shows up to fix everything. Most companies try to get out to their customers as soon as possible, but during the case of a heat wave or blizzard, it might not be possible. During the hottest spells on record, it seems like everyone in town's AC goes on the fritz. During blizzards, roads may become impossible to maneuver to rescue the snowbound person from their heater troubles. So, what's a person to do in the meantime? Here are some ideas of how you can deal with problems in your air conditioning and heating systems:

When AC goes kaput:

- Popsicles all day: Keeping a freezer full of popsicles made from fresh fruit juices will be refreshing and full of Vitamin C to improve everyone's health. Eating a cold frozen treat makes a person feel cooler and improves attitude, too.

- Get wet: Houses with swimming pools in the backyard have it made. Just dipping in several times during the course of a day can help. In the evenings, swimming before bedtime will cool the body's temp down to comfortable levels. If a house doesn't have a pool, buying a kiddie's wading pool will be great for adults, kids and even the family dogs. Running through the sprinkler is also fun and good for the lawn.

- Fans: Ceiling fans, stationary fans, even those made of palm fronds or folded paper will move the air to evaporate sweat, creating a cooling off experience.

- Drink water: Drinking gallons of water will keep everyone hydrated and allow their natural systems of perspiration and evaporation to do its chill trick.

- Keep shades, windows and blinds closed: Keeping out the sunshine will keep the temperatures cooler inside the house.

When the heater goes kaput:

- Fireplace: While a fireplace isn't the best method for heating a house normally, using a fire to stay warm is helpful in a pinch.

- Bake: Baking cakes, roasts, muffins, cookies or potatoes in the kitchen oven for hours during the cold day will provide heat as well as lots of tasty, hot food. Cranking ovens to 350 or 425 degrees for several hours will greatly help the kitchen space stay warmer.

- Microwavable rice bag: Take a long tube sock; fill it with uncooked rice; secure a rubber band snuggly around the open end. Put this snake-like device into the microwave for a minute. Take it out and place it around your neck and shoulders. This is a luxurious method of warming up and of relaxing tense muscles.

- Drink hot beverages: Hot tea, cocoa, apple cider and coffee will warm up the body and provide lots of comfort. Keep the kettle on and chug-a-lug from your mug.

- Huddle together: Grab the family members and snuggle together under blankets, watching DVDs and eating popcorn.

When the repair technician arrives to fix the broken air conditioning and heating units, your family will jump with glee. Next yearFree Reprint Articles, it might be a good idea to have a tune up before the beginning of each season so the HVAC systems are ready to roll.

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