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Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Whirlpool Tub - Bath

The bathtub is been considered essential, that for about the last seventy years. Previously, the toilet was limited to a simple water wash a bowl. Since 1930, the tub has continued to modernize and settled first in the bathroom of the rich. In 1962, 26% of French had a bath or shower in their bathroom. With the widespread installation of a bathroom in the home, the bath has acquired since its pedigree. In this context, it is not surprising that the spa bath, is arrived only recently.

Whirlpool tub
History of the bath and spa bath

History of the bath

In ancient times, the Greeks and the Romans used the tub for bathing. It was stone tubs, marble or metal. In the Middle Ages, the tub was a simple wooden tub. The tub was metal (cast iron or galvanized iron) in the eighteenth century, will leave his place in the early nineteenth century to the tinned copper bath, thick enameled cast iron or zinc, and occasionally sandstone or marble. Very recently appeared the acrylic bathtub and other modern materials like Toplax, the acrylic with ABS reinforcement ...>

The bathtub was introduced in France by the Romans during the Crusades. At first, the tub was a kind of public use oven. In the early Middle Ages, people frequently made in the ovens to take their bath. At the end of this period and during the Renaissance, these baths were accused of being a source and a means of spreading diseases. These places also considered as places of debauchery were therefore prohibited.

This rejection of personal hygiene by bathing, lasting until the end of the seventeenth century. In 1770 Paris had only nine bathhouses! It was not until the late nineteenth century, for the hygiene and cleanliness are again considered. The medical profession, the army and the various labor movements contributed to his rehabilitation and dissemination. Be aware that a French two, at that time, was taking a bath every two years!

It was not until the early twentieth century, at the end of the First World War, that is reborn culture of hygiene. Its development was made possible thanks to the arrival of running water and sewage disposal. Heating the water was also laying. In Parisian buildings, the bath water was heated by gas-heated bathroom. Thus was born the bathroom, which will be located in the city of housing exclusively, in the early twentieth century.

History of the spa bath

The bath "spa" in 1956 and the first bathtub with massage jets, 1968. His ancestor, individual bath with water heating, was devised by Ambroise Paré. This famous French surgeon created, to treat his patients, the first therapeutic hydro bath, also called Pot Plants.

Nowadays, not only the hot tub is considered a place "precious" in which one plunges his body to wash, purify, but also as a place of care, relaxation and wellness. The spa bath with its cleansing and massaging action both becoming more and more followers. It is becoming more popular now because it is an effective way to fight against stress and other stresses of modern life.

For the ultimate spa experience, there's nothing as therapeutic as a Whirlpool bath, designed to give a pulsating massage to ease the stresses of the day. With chrome pneumatic controls and a 1.2hp pump, each jet is perfectly positioned to target lumbar, neck and shoulders to improve blood flow and muscle healing. And as most jets are adjustableFeature Articles, the massage can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Our first-rate service and products don’t end with whirlpool and spa baths. You’ll also find a huge range of bathroom accessories – from bath pillows to shower heads – as well as some of the UK’s most affordable bathroom lighting and sound systems. Whether you’re looking to create an ultra-modern hotel-inspired aesthetic or something a little more traditional.



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