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Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Why Grease Trap Cleaning Service is Vital for Restaurants?

Having a grease trap is compulsory for every restaurant to stop grease from passing through its drainage systems that eventually leads to blocking the plumbing lines and causing sewer backup. This has...

Having a grease trap is compulsory for every restaurant to stop grease from passing through its drainage systems that eventually leads to blocking the plumbing lines and causing sewer backup. This has been a strict directive by the State and local authorities that, not only owners of the commercial kitchen should be equipped with needed grease interceptor but also diligently considerágrease trap cleaning service every 1-3 months with a view to avoiding FOGs buildup in plumbing lines. In fact, the frequency of grease trap cleaning depends largely on the class of foods produced in the setting, the capacity of the interceptor and obviously on its best practices.

A grease interceptor is designed to seize FOGs (Food, Oil, and Grease) enter through the wastewater flowing from the kitchen sinks, dishwashers and other drainage systems and thus, keep the entire plumbing system of your commercial kitchen free-flowing, healthy and hygienic. Remember, any slackness to obtain professional grease trap cleaning service is sure to turn back a host of problems to the effective running of your business. Let’s have a look to the most common issues.

Foul Smell

If untreated, the accumulated FOGs, being remains of food items inside the trapper get decomposed and start diffusing a decayed stinking smell. Not only the rotting toxic smell makes your kitchen people feel unwell but at the end of the day, the foul odor reaches the dining hall where your valued customers are entertained. Disruption of a food business is of no surprise if hygiene becomes a question to its customers.

Costly Damage

Without professional grease trap cleaning services, while presumably, you save a few bucks, the chemical contains of buildup breaks down and begin discharging gas of hydrogen sulfur that turns into toxic sulphuric acid. It leaves an extremely damaging effect on the steel part and inside divider of the trapper requiring you to consider a costly replacement.

Expensive Cleaning

As the solid waste of the grease trap is not pumped regularly, the buildup of greasy matters and food particles will settle at the base of the tank. Removal of these thick inflexible masses is not only a hard-hitting task but may call for more advanced pumping tools making the cleaning expense bill skyscraping.

Sewer Backup

Grease interceptor that keeps on capturing the oily substances coming out of the draining wastewater has a standard capacity. As recommended, grease trap cleaning is essential before the amount of buildup in the interceptor reaches ╝ of its capacity. Once the limit is mislaid, further, the food remains and FOG run down the drainage system freely. This leads to severe blockage of the sewer system pipelines resulting in sewer backups throughout the set.

Host of Penalties

Aside from having grease trap as an integral part of the plumbing system of your commercial kitchen, you’re supposed to maintain them with professional groups specializing in grease trap cleaning services. This is a strict regulation imposed by municipal authoritiesFree Articles, and any carelessness to adhering to the standard rule will cause you to pay a high penalty not limiting to heavy fines but up to suspension of operation or even cancellation of business operating license while keeping your food business at bay.

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