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Monday, July 6, 2020
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Who is Gauranter of Honesty

In this story you are going to know :-

Seen how everyone respects honesty.
Do not think of fruit while doing good work
You will find it yourself in some form or the other.

Ram Sahai lived with his family in a small village in Rajasthan. Apart from a son Ghanshyam, 2 daughters and a wife, no one else was in his family.

The father would work hard in his field day and night to harvest the crop, and when cooked, would take it to the market and sell it. This was the income of his entire family. There was no other means of earning in a village located far away from the city.

One year when the crop was ready to ripen, it rained heavily and the entire crop was destroyed. Seeing the destruction of their crops due to heavy rains, both father and son were in tears. Could not do anything. Far from repaying the loan taken from Mahajan for farming, this year, he was also seen to be eating food at home.

For a few days, lentils and rotis went on, but one day it came that there was nothing left to cook at home. Then, after being helpless, Ram Sahai said to his son Ghanshyam, "Son, there is no earning here, and Mahajan's debt is also standing on the head. Why don't you go to the city and look for some work. " Ghanshyam also readily agreed, seeing the financial constraints of the house.

After two to three days, Ghanshyam left his village and family and went towards Jaipur. After reaching there, he started searching for a job in the evening. But wherever he goes, everyone asks him to bring a surety with him. Where did the bailee bring him, he did not even know anyone in this city.

Three days passed and he did not get a job nor bail. The money he brought home was also about to end. Now he decided that he would only eat food for one time so that the money could run for a few more days, perhaps by then a job would be handed over.
Even after a full 7 days had passed, Ghanshyam broke down when no job was arranged. But the question was that what would happen even after returning to the village. What is the means of earning there, only the debtor is standing. Put the hand in the pocket, the last 50 rupee note was left. Seeing this, he had tears in his eyes.

It was 4 o'clock in the morning and he had not eaten anything since yesterday. Even how to eat, the money was almost full. Then an idea came up that why not go to some temple, maybe someone came to distribute food there.

When he reached the temple, he also got in line to see a couple distributing food. When he got food, he sat on the stairs of the temple with a plate of food. Then a Seth came out of the temple with a plate of worship in his hand. His foot slipped while descending the stairs and he fell down. The people ran away and picked him up and placed the plate in his hand. Lord's Venus did not hurt much. Seth left in his car.

Just then, while eating food, Ghanshyam looked at a purse on the stairs. When he picked it up, only notes were filled in it. He understood that this purse may not belong to the Seth who had just fallen. But Seth ji had already left. When Ghanshyam looked at the purse carefully, there was a card inside which the address of a shop in Johri market was written. The food was already eaten, so Ghanshyam started towards Johri market.

When I reached that address, I saw that the shop was closed. Asked people nearby, it was found that this shop would open only around 12 o'clock. Now there was no option but to wait till 12 o'clock, and which job he had to reach. Kept wandering around and reached the shop at exactly 12 o'clock.

Seeing the shop open, went inside and saw Sethji in the morning and breathed a sigh of relief. Go to him and put his purse on his desk. Seth ji was very happy after getting his purse. He told that when he came to know that his purse had fallen somewhere, he again went to the temple, but he did not find the purse there. Then Ghanshyam said, "Sethi ji, when you were sitting in the car after falling, I had my eye on this purse. It was good that you got your card in it and I was able to reach here. "

Then Seth ji asked him, "Didn't you think that you keep the purse after seeing so many money in your mind." So Ghanshyam replied "Seth ji, I am the son of a farmer and the father has taught honesty all his life." Just as our crop is God dependent, so is our life. We have never learned to earn money by fraud or dishonesty. "

Seth ji was very happy with this answer. He wants to give her a reward of 1000 rupees, but Ghanshyam refuses to take him as his duty to return the purse. Then Sethji placed his hand on Ghanshyam's head and blessed him, "Son, come back without hesitation whenever you need anything."
Ghanshyam was about to bow down to him that Seth Ji asked him "Where do you live son?"

"On the road or under the bridge." Hearing this answer, Seth Ji was shocked.
"And what do you do?" There was so much to hear that Ghanshyam had tears in his eyes. Crying, he told Seth ji how no one gives him a job when there is no surety. He has been looking for a job in Jaipur for the last 7 days.

So much had to be heard that Seth ji immediately said, "You are your own surety. However, if anyone ever asksComputer Technology Articles, I am sure to tell you. " And then Seth Joe put him on a good watch at his shop. Also made a living arrangement.
Seen how everyone respects honesty.
Do not think of fruit while doing good work
You will find it yourself in some form or the other.

Seen how everyone respects honesty.
Do not think of fruit while doing good work
You will find it yourself in some form or the other.

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