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Friday, December 6, 2019
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Can You Really Make Money Blogging?

There are hundreds of different ways to make money on the Internet.  The latest trend is through money making blogs and Rob Benwell shows you how to take full advantage and hit the big time with the third edition of his series, Blogging To The Bank. 

Rob Benwell recently released his third book Blogging To The Bank 3.0 which teaches his method for making some big time does a cool million dollars sound...with blogs. 

I personally have never considered “money making blogs” as a way to make any kind of serious money, maybe some adsense back-end money or to promote a product here and there, but I was intrigued so I figured I would jump on the bandwagon and see what it was all about.  The book is only $37 which is very reasonable and if I could turn a $37 investment into a million dollars then I’ll start “blogging to make money” all day long!

So here is a quick overview and my personal take on Blogging to the Bank 3.0

First off - I tend to shy away from those marketing hype pages that claims to make outrageous sums of money.  For example, if you clicked on either of the links above you will note that Rob starts out claiming he earns over $90,480 per month!  …Come on, from blogging??  There are very few people that I know of making this kind of money let alone from blogging.

That being said, his book is selling well and has massive appeal.  Obviously everyone wants to find out exactly what he does different - what’s his secret? And as I mentioned, at just $37 it is well within the reach of most if not everyone who is interested in developing an online business.
OK, so more about the book…..

Niche Marketing
Rob’s basic strategy is utilizing multiple money making blogs in multiple niches with each blog making a tidy sum of money.  If you think about it, there are very few affiliate websites, let alone bloggers, that can say they bring in over $75k/month let alone $90k+/month.  But what if you had 10 sites each bringing in just $500 per month - how about 20 sites bringing in $500 per month or 50 sites bringing $500 per month - are you starting to see the picture.

The one downfall to this process is that you are not about becoming a dominant player - an expert - in one niche subject area.  Which is OK for some people.  Others want to stay focused on one or two niche sites and dominate that area.  The bottom line is YOU have to decide which is best for YOU.

No matter how you break it down - one blog or 100 blogs, Rob’s system for profitable blogging still relies on the same fundamental principles to make things work;

  1. Build your blog using
  2. Produce content - it is better to write it yourself but with this many blogs,  buying and outsourcing are definitely an option to consider
  3. Market your blog to build traffic
  4. Monetize your blog with advertising, affiliate programs and adsense

This of course is a simplified overview.  Rob breaks everything down for you with a bit more detail along with some inside secrets…so don’t think I am giving everything away.

Bottom Line - Here is what I Liked About Blogging To The Bank 3.0

  • The book is very well-organized and efficient - He get’s right to the point and doesn’t waste time telling you some long drawn out story.
  • There are a ton of different techniques in this book.
  • Rob discusses and highly recommends email list building from your blog.  Any Internet Marketer will tell you how important it is to have a list and I couldn’t agree more with Rob on this point.  Imagine having 20 or more blogs, all with an email list of 500 to 5,000 subscribers. This is an attainable outcome and really spreads your income sources across many assets - I like this A LOT.
  • The book focuses on Affiliate marketing as the recommended monetization method. Rob keeps things very simple and focuses on using just Clickbank as the source for affiliate products however, once the foundation is there you can utilize any affiliate system you are comfortable with.
  • By focusing in ClickBank and affiliate marketing, the niche selection process really is a process - there’s no “personal reflection” or anything of that nature - look for the numbers, find where the money is being made already, then set up a blog to sit in front of the buyers and take some of that money for yourself…..on paper it is really quite simple but again, don’t be fooled - there are a lot of underlying techniques you need to do and Rob’s book lays all of it out for you.
  • Lastly Rob briefly discusses the idea of selling blogs - In the website world this is known as flipping.  Build a nice site, start driving traffic to it, get a few sales and sell it for huge profit.  I have always been a fan of flipping although I have only flipped a few sites in my short time as an Internet Marketer.  Just understand that this is a viable revenue stream for websites and blogging.

Rob provides and excellent - to the point read without a lot of fluff.  He gets right to the point telling you step-by-step what to do.  This is really what most newcomers….and even a few veterans….need. 

This is an amazingly profitable strategy and Rob lays it all out for you.

Bottom Line - What I Didn’t Like About Blogging To The Bank 3

  • My only complaint….and it’s a small one….is that the book is almost too short.   Okay I know this can actually be an advantage and I know I stated that Rob get’s right to the point but I would like to see some more detail.  There are some concepts that are a tad bit under-explained. A few newbies may have to do some additional research to fully understand and put the pieces of the puzzle together….although maybe this was Rob’s thought process all along.

Who Should Buy This Book?
If your goal is strictly about “making money online” then this book is for you.  If you are passionate about a product or subject and want to devote a lot of time developing a site….this book is not for you.

Many of us seem struggled at times to come up with a niche topic to either develop or to write your blog about it.  If you find yourself in this situation the stop caring so much about your passions and your skills and just do what Rob does - find the money in lots of different niches and build lots of blogs to tap into them.

So what’s the Absolute Bottom Line
Plain and simple - Rob’s system works.  If you ever thought of making “money making blogs” or would like to then I highly recommend Blogging To The Bank 3.0. 

Will you be making $90k+ per month like Rob?  Maybe in time….but I doubt it…how about $90k/year?  That is very attainable.  You can and will make some serious monthly income - if you follow his step-by-step plan you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s the link again to the marketing page
Blogging To The Bank 3.0

And if you want to go directly to the purchase page and bypass all the marketing hype;
Blogging To The Bank 3.0 - Purchase Page

To your Success,

PS. If this has peaked your interest here’s a little more food for thought - working this system and developing 50+ blogs over the course of a year can easily bring in a seven figure salary - obviously this isn’t going to happen overnight but with hard word and dedication you can make some serious cash!  So grab the book and start you “Money Making Blogs” today!

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Todd Knaus is a loving husband, father and a self proclaimed Internet Marketing Junky. He has been has been in the IT Industry since early 1995 and enjoys website & graphic design, eBook creation & PLR Material.  More at or

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