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Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Content Websites That Become Income Producing Website Businesses

Content websites allow you to have a genuine online business,instead of just a website! A content website is: 1. Keyword-focussed 2. Theme-based 3. A relevant information website 4. Written for the site visitors - not the search engines. Because content-rich sites satisfy the internet searchers,they gain high search engines rankings and accordingly receive generous natural search traffic. Which is better than paying for site-visitors!

Content is King!

All successful websites are content-rich information sites. These site are keyword-focussed and theme based. The purpose of content websites is to provide site-visitors with relevant information. The theme of your website can be any topic you are knowledgeable about. It can be about a product,hobby,invention,ebook or a passion you have. The point is to freely provide quality information to please the internet searchers.Information can be provided in all mediums. In fact for better impact,a portion of your content should be pictures,audio and video streaming.

Searchers and Search Engines

The number of internet users is well in excess of one billion and expected that it could reach (2)two billion persons using the internet by 2012.Responding to the 'wants' of those internet users... when it comes to searching the internet is vital for the success of every online business.If you provide quality relevant website content... searchers will show their appreciation by:

1. Bookmarking your site and returning later

2. Joining your newsletter list

3. Following your links and buying a product.

Any of the above actions will be noted by the search engines and therefore your content website 'ranking' will rise and rise... the more your site is visited.Your information site will receive big numbers of natural search traffic. What did you do?... You freely gave quality information that relates to what the searchers are looking for. This is what I call 'Information Marketing!'

Opt-In Newsletters

An important part of this process is to maintain contact with the people who subscribe into your newsletter list. These subscribers are 'interested' in your website theme. They were not forced to join your list... to get your information. This was the 'ploy' of the gateway or capture-pages to get you onto their newsletter list. Providing real relevant information was not a serious concern. That tactic resulted in large lists of 'curious' but uninterested people... who... in the end just cost you valuable time.

By sending regular newsletters to your subscriber list... you provide further quality information and in time you build relationships with those interested people. Also you build a level of trust and many will become customers or join your business.

Multi-Streams of Income

Through your website pages,on site video streaming,audio and very importantly through your newsletters... you can promote your affiliate programs,ebooks,network marketing any online business. You may have a 'primary' business that you want to direct the majority of your effort towards; That's fine, but whatever your business or your website theme... you'll find other related products that people interested in your theme can use.

A method that all successful content websites use is to sell advertising space to search marketing groups... such as Google. You can have a few of these Ads on each of your web-pages. Often if a site-visitor is not interested in your website theme,newsletter or products... they may click a few of these Google Ads before they leave your site. This leaves a few cents on the 'table'. Imagine if your site traffic is... 5000 visitors per day and each earned you 10 cents... through all your income streams... that amounts to $15000 per month! This is the main benefit of having your own site... where you dictate the income sources!

Marketing You Website

Marketing your website can be low--cost,but it has to be effective! An ordinary content site marketed correctly... will be successful. However a top quality content-rich site... marketed poorly will be a failure! With the above in mind it is worth noting,that some successful content website owners... do not market at all! The reason is generally,that what they are promoting is highly 'sought after'.

SoBusiness Management Articles,in general you do need to do some marketing to assist natural search. In fact natural search traffic increases as your 'ranking' increases... as your marketing effort sends more visitors to your site.The marketing methods that you can employ are explained through the links below. Take the time to browse around the site.


Content is king because genuine content information is what the internet searchers want... and... What they want... you should provide! As a result of doing that... you'll find that the search engines will 'work' with you. High traffic numbers lead to product sales or whatever 'most wanted action' you're seeking through you're website business. Having your own quality relevant content website... and pointing all your marketing techniques towards that site...will lead to your online success!

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Darcy John here: Millions of people with a website don't earn a cracker,by creating your own,money-pumping website business. A content website will allow you to have multi-streams of income and you can find out all the strategies at: There you will find what works and the varied  online businesses available today. Warning: Having 'your own' website business created and marketed correctly,will likely give you financial success!

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