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Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Internet Marketing-My Daily Routine

Having a clear cut daily work routine is essential when attempting to gain tractionin my Internet business. This article discusses some of the essential activities I do daily.

Check and answer Email

Each day I get many emails from affiliates, potential affiliates and Newslettersthat I am a member of. I take the time to read and answer as many as I can each day. This usually takes an hour and a half to get through.

Update blogs

I have more than 10 blogs that I update consistently in different nichesand more that are strictly adsense niche sites. I try to add content to each blogat least once per week. This can take all day sometimes.

Add a few posts to a few favorite forums

I like to jump on two of my favorite forums each day and make up to five posts each. It is a good way to gain new knowledge and add some of the things that I have learned as well. I spend about an hour on this.

Research for new articles/Write articles and submitto article directories.

I spend time thinking of and writing new content. I am not adverse to using another publishers content for use on my site(s) as long as it is well written and applies to my niche. I always keep any content from other publishers intact withthe resource box when using it keeping in mind copyright laws and use policies especiallyif I use another publishers Video or image on my site(s). I may use an entire day on this activity sometimes more if ideas are slow to form.

Check Website and blog stats

I check my site stats and Analytics every few days to see how things are trending.

Check Adsense account  I may check my Adsense account mainly to see if there are any sharp rises or declines in impressions and clicks so I can respond or adjust. Tweak/test Adsense ads

This is ongoing and I work on this a little here and there as the week goes on

Add to Myspace, Squidoo, Twitter, Gather

I try to regularly add new content in the form of articles, reviews or rantsto these type of spaces regularly usually once per week. I adjust Adsense, affiliate ads or product ads accordingly.

Tweak or make additions to Website.

I am always learning and testing new tweaks to enhance my sites. I may spend a lot of time in a day or week on this, depending on how involved it may be.

Brainstorm ideas for new content, Adsense sites or blogs.

This is ongoing and always running. I keep a note pad close and have "tasks" and "notes" on my blackberry so I can jot down new thoughts and ideas.

One project at a time. It sounds like I have a lot going at one time and I do however, I attempt to work on one thing at a time with a specific goal and stopping point in mind.

Research new affiliate business's and products for possible addition to blog or website niche.

I am always looking at different ads for products and business opportunities which sometimes leads to buying, testing and becoming an affiliate of those products or businesses.

Study SEO, Adsense and Affiliate concepts

This is ongoing and is a topic of one of the Newsletters that I am a member. If I like an SEO idea I will test it on my site or blog.

Here's an example weekly focus schedule that I think will help a person to get aligned with some basic internet marketing routine. Having a consistent daily routine whether 30 minutes or 15 hours isvery important to growing an internet marketing business. Try to stay focused and use the time available wisely.

Day 1 Focus - Build your opt-in email list.

Day 2 Focus - Expand your Google AdWords campaign.

Day 3 Focus - Myspace, Squidoo, Gather, Twitter updates.

Day 4 Focus - Write and distribute more articles.

Day 5 Focus - blogging and promote your blog.

Day 6 Focus - Get more inbound links.

Day 7 Focus - Day off! Optional of course.

Outline a weekly plan for yourself now and determine how much time you can spend each day, (even if you only have 30 minutes) commit to and stick to it. Keep this flexible however and adjust it as necessary.

Luck is for those who like to gamble or buy lottery tickets, usually these are people who have trouble with math.

Design your destiny, create your future. This is done by goal setting, action, trackingFree Reprint Articles, testing and adjusting.

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