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Monday, November 18, 2019
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Managing Blog Comments 'Hands On'

Blog comments are a sign your content is being read and that it is also getting a reaction out of your readers, which is great!
When people post comments you want to review what is being said and respond if necessary but this can take time so what do you do?
Read more to see 3 suggestions any blog master can use to better manage comments on their site in a time efficient manner.

Getting blog comments on your site is something every blogger wants since it encourages further interactivity and is also a sign your content is being read. As a blog master you also want to respond to those people who post comments especially if they require a response. After a while when your blog traffic increases, personally responding to every comment that requires your attention will be very difficult. The assumption here is that as your blog traffic increases more people will post comments and than things will get too busy. Remember you are just an army of one! However doing the best you can is always appreciated and admirable, therefore devising some strategy or system for managing comments is recommended.

Here are 3 suggestions as to how to review, address and maybe even discard remarks let on your site in an orderly fashion.

Schedule Time

Set aside a specified amount of time on a regularly scheduled basis to respond to any remarks. It is important to monitor the time you spend doing this because as your blog traffic increases so will the remarks and the time it takes to manage them. You will also find by setting time limits here you will be more focused and therefore will accomplish more as a result!


Some people allow readers to post comments without spending much if any time to read through them let alone respond. Not a good idea, especially since your blogging platform is based upon social interactivity and even if the remarks do not require your response you do want to know what people are saying or thinking. This is valuable feedback for you and should not be overlooked. I put this approach in as a suggestions as to NOT what to do!

General Response

Reading through remarks you can sometimes begin to get the 'gist' or general tone of what visitors  are saying or thinking. In cases like this it is feasible to craft a  'mass' response that will address their questions and/or concerns. This is a very time efficient way of replying while making others aware you are paying attention to their feedback. Of course the very best way to let people know you have received their feedback is to take the appropriate actions if needed or justified.

Blog comments are very important to the social 'health' of your site. In fact many who visit your platform view the comments first and use them as measure of the sites popularity. As a blog master you of course want to respond to as many remarks as you can. However as your blog traffic increases so will the commentsComputer Technology Articles, making it increasingly more difficult for you to respond to all that require your attention. It is therefore wise to devise and implement some type of strategy you can use when people post comments to your blog to manage them in an efficient manner. The 3 suggestions above serve to help you do just that and to perhaps stimulate your own thinking into developing a strategy that may work best for you!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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