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Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Security Issues On Social Network Websites

Social networking websites are hugely popular today. Read on to find out how personal information displayed in these sites can be saved from being public.

Social networking websites have become a household name in today`s world. Whether it is our personal or professional life, they are a truly great way connect with friends, colleagues and establishing new relationships online. Not long ago, we used to associate the term `social networking` with something which was personal and tangible. However, with the advent of the Internet, we have now become more eager to display our social networking capabilities on the web.

According to psychologists, the thrill of establishing new relationships over the Internet can be attributed to the expanding growth of social network websites. However, in the zeal to become `social`, we tend to ignore the many security issues hovering over such social network websites. Without a doubt, these social networks help us a lot in establishing contact with our friends, colleagues and relatives, but it is also true that we need to be aware of the endemic security issues in context of these social networking websites.

Before venturing into the steps that we can take, to save ourselves from being a prey to the security issues, we need to understand the real reason behind them. Every social networking website asks the user to fill up a registration form, mentioning therein all the required details. The broad divisions into which the details are segregated are social, professional and personal. The details carry your contact information, email id, your current profession and your personal likes and dislikes. There is a chance that the information you are supplying can be provocative to some and might land you into serious trouble.

This is just one of the many security issues prevalent over social networking websites. There is also a chance that the person whom you actually think to be your friend/colleague turns out to be an impostor. There is also a sect of people who get provoked by the kind of religious feelings/political views that you support. Remember that all these details are filled up by you and only you can protect yourself from the clutches of security issues over social networking websites.

Let us now take an overview of how you can protect yourself from being a victim to these security issues,

1. Never ever share your password with anyone, not even with the closest of your friend/family.

2. Just after you finish typing in your user name and password, remember to turn off the `remember me` button. This helps immensely in protecting your ID from any security issues present in these social network sites.

3. Make it a mandatory habit to always logout of the social network site after you have finished using it.

4. After filling up the required information in the registration form, never forget to edit the privacy settings of the same. If possible, it is always recommended to change the settings to `viewable only to my friends` rather than `viewable to everyone`. This way you can save your profile from being visible to everyone in public.

5. Never provide sensitive information while filling up these forms. What might seem as ordinary to you, can be provocative material to many.

6. In case, you find that your profile has been tampered with, immediately report the matter to the `report abuse/violations` sections.

These small steps can work wonders in providing you with the most solid protection against all possible security issues lurking in such social network websites. Social networking is fun but with a little care we can avoid our personal content/details from being a part of the public, as a whole. The phrase, `A stitch in time saves nine`, is quite apt in this context. If we try to be a little aware of the problems which might crop up because of our ignoranceFree Reprint Articles, we can save our profile from all kinds of security issues over social network websites.

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