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Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Social Network Marketing Dead Links Will Come

Great ideas appear shiny and bright, then die or hibernate out of existence during the course of events. What will happen when the rash of dead links come?

Dead links will come. It will happen, as many this year alone have created and deleted or created and changed URL redirections along the way, it is inevitable that links, content, and entire sites will be known as dead links. This may pose a bit of a problem for search engines, link interactions, web sites, blogs, and social networks with the onslaught of dead links or deleted sites.

Pownce, the colorful podcasting "shout out" style site,seems to have fallen into this category of sites going by the wayside as has Google Lively, the 3D Avatar creation and interaction site. Both of these designs will call it quits as of December 2008. Did these two sites just fall through the cracks of not enough advertising? They both had an interesting, unique design that drew an initial crowd, but what happened?

Sad realities of the Internet with one being creators can and do make brilliant designs, programmers and site managers weave their magic into a welcoming environment, then the amount of daily hustle and bustle invariably makes or breaks that site.

The time, energy, and resources spent on the upkeep of just one great site is rather staggering once you include the monitoring of (especially if it's a social interaction or member fed base site), new content additions, the social slice of members you actually attract, the financial costs, and the countless other incidentals involved in running a site, system, or business.

The next major stepping stone for the Internet seems to be a consolidation of sorts. A regrouping from mass choices, multiple social networks, blogs, forums, or sites to a sub page system of sorts where mini sectors of major sites dedicate space to less active gathering places across the net.

The concept of a wiki comes to mind here. A handful of the front runner sites like MySpace and Twitter with straight connections or "sub pages" directly linked to some of the better (though smaller) social networks and sites. A directory of sorts with a larger "parent" site.

The inevitable future of "ghost sites" is not just looming in the mist, but has arrived. At its infancy at present I believe, but it will soon grow at a rapid, near alarming rate until the flow crests and ebbs. The adjustment will occur in a wave fashion of realization, cleanup, and restructure. Maybe there exists the adage at present "too many cooks spoil the broth" or "too many writers and not enough readers" to place it all into reality.

The cleanup stage will entail filing, deleting, and reconfiguring sites on the basis of need, interaction, and mainly based on the decisions of the web masters. In this decision process to discard or continue with a site, web site creators might consider these questions: Can you relocate this information? Are you better served and are your readers better served by condensing your sites into one main hub? Who will you be affecting and how will this be a hindrance or help to them? Work positively toward the end result you are seeking. Be certain you are creating ease and not discord. These tips will make the upcoming transitions easier on all Internet users and creators.

A major theory I am a firm believer in is avoid deleting information from the net, yes restructure and consolidate, but if you have secured a space on the net, think twice before deleting the spaces content completely. Consider using this space for another project down the road or incorporating it into a sector of an existing site as long as the content and meaning remain the same.

If your intention is to redirect the content meaning, do so with much thought. Taking original content out and replacing it with a new shiny label may work for the short term and give the "flash" temporarily, but in the end it is still a white washed facade.

Blogs and social networks will be an active part of the Internet for years to come, trends will emerge, fads will be rushedComputer Technology Articles, but the sites and people who stick out the restructure will become some of the great sites on the world wide web.

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