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Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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What Your Blog Design Says About You

The blog design you select and use is a pretty good reflection on what your intentions may be with your site.
This is especially true if blogging to make money is your goal.
Read more to see the 3 most common layouts people use on their blogging site and what it says about them and their intentions.

The blog design you select and use is a pretty good reflection on what your intentions may be with your site. Oh course this should be no accident because, hopefully, much thought was put into both your blog layout and the design of your blogging site. When creating a blog this is generally the very first step, and one that needs to be done with careful consideration. This is especially true if blogging to make money is your goal. Funny isn't it how when money gets involved things always turn more serious!

Looking around the internet landscape it is usually easy to determine quickly whether a particular blogging site you landed on is intent on earning an income. What you may also come to realize is that there are basically 3 different blog designs people use for this purpose. These designs reflect the persons approach as much as they do their personalities as a whole and here they are:


A 'plain' or text oriented blog indicates a focused on its content. Conveying the intended message clearly to readers is more easily accomplished with this approach. Fewer distractions or opportunities for misinterpretation are present thereby allowing for more focus on the information presented. If this is a site that is blogging to make money it is usually a safe bet that its intentions with the content is to teach.

Multiple Monetization Tactics

Obviously a very clear intention of this type of site is to earn an income and could also signal to readers that they are not the focal point. When creating a blog whether to make money or otherwise the success of the site is based upon maintaining reader satisfaction. Having a site with many monetization tactics employed could be distracting to visitors with the net result that they leave to never return. This could mean that it will take more time to build a loyal readership with such a layout.

Extensive Multi-Media Use

It draws a crowd but might also indicate a lack of focus if you are not careful. Content is content no matter what type you use, but the use of video, although entertaining could also distract from your message. It is often common for this particular medium to veer from the original point or intention of what it is presenting. Social media techniques utilized on a blogging site can be very effective as long as a laser like focus is maintained on the content presented.

Your blog design is usually a fairly good indication of what you intend to do with your site and how you intend to do it. When creating a blog this step is usually the very first one and it does allow you to be creativeFree Web Content, which makes it enjoyable as well. Your next step will be putting together your blog layout and if you are blogging to make money your layout will be critical. When you survey many of the sites online created for the sake of earning an income you will realize their designs fall into 3 basic categories. These 'categories' as reviewed above do a fair job of reflecting not only the individuals monetary intentions but also their personalities as well. Be able to 'profile' a site in this manner may be helpful in your determination as to whether it would be something of interest to you.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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