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Thursday, August 6, 2020
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Which Type of Internet Services Should You Prefer

Everyone knows the importance of the Internet and how it is used, but the question is- what type of Internet does one require? There are many different types of services on the Internet that exist. These services vary from each other in speed, connection, or sometimes location.

The Internet is a basic need in today’s era. The world depends on the Internet for almost every work today. Everyone knows the importance of the Internet and how it is used, but the question is- what type of Internet does one require? Or what type of Internet is suitable for one?


Types of Internet Services

There are many different types of services on the Internet that exist. These services vary from each other in speed, connection, or sometimes location and also the internet service providers in my area. These various types of internet services are:


DSL- DSL, also known as Digital Subscriber Line, is a very affordable but rapid type of connection that uses phone lines to bring the internet connection. It works with three types of frequencies so that the user can use the telephone line at the same time as that of an internet line. The lowest frequency is used to operate the telephonic functions, and the other two frequencies keep track of the uploading and the downloading process.


Dial-Up Internet- Dial-Up is a type of connection that is provided at very cheap rates, but the speed of this connection is not very convincing. This works on the base of telephone wires, and to operate the Internet, an individual is supposed to dial a number on the computer screen; this number, when dialed, sends a signal through the modem to the local telephone networks known as routers. The function of these routers is to decide the transfer of these signals to their particular destination. This type of service is not very popular these days because it shares the same line for the Internet like that of the telephone, which allows the user to operate one function at a time. Also, the lines are shared by other people, so the speed sometimes gets slower than usual due to the traffic increase.


Cable internet- Cable internet works through the cable TV lines and is also not very costly. The greater bandwidth of these cable internet services makes their speed pretty impressive. Although the downloading and uploading speed of cable internet varies even then, it does not make much difference. The cable internet uses a cable wire to connect the device to the Internet, so they have this drawback that multiple devices are not able to operate the Internet with the cable service.


Satellite- It is what its name suggests, the Internet that utilizes satellite to work. The dishes that you see on many roofs around you are used for satellite internet along with the TV channels. This dish sends signals from the devices of your house that require internet access to satellite in the space, that space satellite transfers those signal to the dish of your internet service provider from where these signals are translated in the form that could be used by your device and travels the whole distance all the way back, from satellite to your dish and then to your device. Satellite Internet is a wireless type but sometimes becomes problematic as it travels through the atmosphere, so even a bird in the path can disturb it’s working. So while choosing the best and fastest internet service providers, search for satellite connection ISP.


Cellular Internet- Cellular internet is a wireless type of technology that works through your cell phones. Your cell phones are provided with 2G, 3G, or 4G Internet that works through the signals which are transferred from your nearest cellular tower to your internet service provider and then the same path back to your cell phone. You can also use the data of your cell phone on other devices through the hotspot option. The speed, although, is not as good as other means of the Internet.


Wireless- This type of Internet uses radio signals instead of cables or telephone wires. This does not require satellite and works through the towers that are much similar to cellular towers. Since the signals do not work through satellite, so they do not travel a very long distance, and therefore, provides better speed.



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