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Friday, November 22, 2019
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A Guide to Understanding Penalties of First-Offense DUI

One of the most dreaded things that anyone goes through is being pulled over by the cops. A minor ticket often leads to problematic circumstances faced by drivers. However, when it comes to DUI consequences then these tickets are mild. 

One of the most dreaded things that anyone goes through is being pulled over by the cops. A minor ticket often leads to problematic circumstances faced by drivers. However, when it comes to DUI consequences then these tickets are mild. The driver can face a lot of issues including jeopardizing his/her privileges of driving or being charged with heavy fines. This can have a huge impact on his/her professional and personal life. After these charges let’s not talk about the fees of Cobb County DUI lawyer that can be hefty. To get an idea on DUI, it is essential to know about long-term consequences, mandatory sentences, and the nature of the charge.

First DUI and its Consequences

The most common penalty of first DUI is mainly the fine or charge that the offender has to pay. However, there are instances when the offender has to face probation or serve time in jail. It can be different for every state and even the country. License suspension and jail sentences are the most common charges with the first DUI offense. In such a case, one can apply for an occupational driving license depending on their history. 

When it comes to probation, there are different aspects that one has to deal with including probation fees, court costs, a substantial fine, and urinalysis fees. This will result in the total monthly payment or even attending alcohol and drug community and counseling service hours.

First DUI Punishment

The first offense is usually stated as a misdemeanor offense (not in all the states/cases) that can result in fines, license suspension, community service, and probation as stated above. There are several factors that result in different punishments including penalties, and enhanced sentences. For instance, drunk driving with  a kid in the vehicle can be treated as a felony offense and elevate misdemeanor charge without any prior conviction of drink and drive.

Apart from this, the administrative element is also added up with the nature of DUI that can be painful. For instance, there are states that give authority to cops to suspend the license in case the offender refuses to undergo a breath test. This is completely different from the punishment ordered after a DUI conviction. However, for the first DUI offense, it is best to get in touch with a Cobb County DUI attorney that can help to minimize the penalty.

DUI Offense License Suspension Condition

The best way to quickly regain the offender’s suspended license is to deal with a criminal law judge and an administrative law judge. It is best to avoid driving during the time of suspended license otherwise it can lead to more fines and new charges. If the conditions are not fulfilled then it is possible that the offender will be sent back to jail and bond being revoked. 

How to resolve First Offense DUI?

From the arrest time to the charges, the average of five months is invested just to resolve the case. During this time, the accused will be either convicted, acquitted or dropped. However, it can take one month for those who got off and 7 months for those who are convicted of the offense. The others who are pleaded guilty of the offense including reckless driving can take around 5 months to clear their name. The time can vary as per the offense so it is best to hire a Cobb County DUI lawyer that has experience and can help offender out of such a situation.

DUI Offense Long-Term Consequences

The vital part to remember is that there are long-term consequences when it comes to a DUI offense. This can include a probation period with no final conviction due to deferred or probated sentence. It means that the offense is still in records and can go against the offender in the future. During this time, a second DUI can result in increased penalties or sentences.

However, it can be different for every state and there might be instances when the DUI defense attorneys can help the offender out. But having multiple DUI arrests is not a good idea and even a lawyer won’t be able to help offender in such circumstances. If such is the situation then it can result in a felony-level offense that results in controlled arrest to decide the level. Again, it depends on the region to decide the felony. For instance, in Texas  third DUI offense will be considered a felony, while in New Mexico, fourth such offense will be treated as a felony. It is best to keep in mind that a misdemeanor offense in one state can be a felony in another.

DUI Attorney Help

To get in touch with a Cobb County DUI lawyer is usually the last thing that comes to mind. However, criminal history, employment opportunitiesComputer Technology Articles, and finances can be affected even with the first DUI. It is best to take the situation seriously and get a lawyer’s help to sort out the issue. 

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