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Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Consequences of Running a Red Light in Texas

2 out of 5 people think they can quickly get off unseen by traffic cameras and police if they jump a red light traffic signal. There were almost 1000 deaths in Texas alone due to running the red light between the years 2008-2017. Running a red light has dangerous consequences. Most of the damage done is to the other vehicle and the passenger in it. Texas also ranks in the top 10 states in the US for the Highest Total of Red Light Running Deaths. To curb drivers’ reckless behavior in Texas and other states in the US, some specific punishments and fines are charged to the driver.


How to recognize a Red light offense?


It is a universal road sign to stop the vehicle when the traffic light is red. However, some drivers ignore the same on purpose, inattentive drivers, or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

The Stop Line

Every Traffic signal has a stop line. The vehicle must be before the stop line. Any vehicle station after the stop line or on zebra crossing is an offense.


Reducing Speed

A driver must estimate the time he can manage to cross the green signal or wait for the red signal. Hence the driver must adjust the speed of the vehicle. Else there is a possibility of an accident in the same lane, or the driver is tempted to run the red light.


Getting caught by a police officer

If you run a red light and get caught by a police officer, then there are certain fines that you have to pay. The penalty varies across Texas. In Austin, you may pay $275, in Huston about $230, whereas in El Paso, you spend $175 on a red light ticket. The police in person verify you as a driver; hence there will be a direct deduction of 2 points from the driving license record. It also books the person under a criminal record. Ultimately, it affects the insurance rates and also the re-sale of the car.

Getting caught by a Traffic Camera

The ticket for violation of a red light signal caught by a camera is $75. However, since the camera clicks a photo and only recognizes the number plate. The person behind the wheel is exempted from verification, and the charges are booked under civil violations. You will also not get any point removed from the driver's license record. The insurance companies cannot use the charges to increase insurance rates. However, the vehicle’s resale becomes problematic as it was involved in a red light traffic offense.


Consequences of Running a Red light



1. Injured in a Red Light Accident


The most common outcome of running a red light is smashing into another vehicle due to a lack of proper judgment. The person breaking the law may have to pay for the car’s damages and pay a hefty fine. Not to mention healthcare to the person involved in the accident. In case of any damage to the victim’s limbs, the penalty and compensation are decided as per the case.



2. Traffic control cameras in Texas


The estimated number of fines to be collected from the red light offense crosses over 7.8 

million dollars. There are several intersections and highways, and roads installed with high-quality traffic cameras that can screen and take a photo of the license plate. It can quickly check the position of the car once the signal is red. It sends a notification to the owner of the vehicle within a few minutes. 



3. Types of Motor vehicle accidents at Red Lights in Texas


The most common types of motor vehicle accidents are 

  • Head-on Collision- The Vehicle bumps straight into the other vehicle at a left turn.
  • T- bone accidents- when the front of the vehicle bumps into the side of another vehicle forming a T shape
  •  Rear End collisions- When the vehicle is hit from the behind

Why seek a Texas Car Accident Attorney?

You may be the driver or the victim injured in a motor vehicle accident. In both waysFree Articles, the evidence for the trial may be vulnerable. Hence the victim must register a case as soon as possible. An experienced Texas attorney knows the in and out of Car or Vehicle accidents in Texas. They provide clear information and complete the documentation for the proceedings. A qualified Texas attorney will give enough information and evidence to compensate the victim for the physical harm and damages to the vehicle.

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