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Friday, December 3, 2021
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Two Permitted Crimes

There are two crimes not only tolerated but also supported by strange people who profit from them. These crimes are the infliction of a sudden unexplained death or lunacy.

Sometimes it happens that somebody suddenly dies without any obvious physical reason for his or her death. For example, it can come to pass in the trolley-bus or anywhere else. Often there is a number of other people around the place where it has happened, who did not notice anything suspicious.

Sometimes it happens that somebody suddenly shows the symptoms of a heavy psychical disease. Despite the complex medical care his or her condition is getting worse and worse, and in the end he or she dies in an asylum-like place like a total lunatic.

Both the above-mentioned sad things (people hit by unexplained sudden death and people who became totally crazy) can look like something what only happens naturally and what is not deliberately caused by other people. Sad to say, sometimes the reverse is true.

There are evil people, who exactly know why some can suddenly die without any obvious reason and why others can suddenly go crazy. Many of these bad people who know this wear a white coat and possess a title of the doctor of medicine. Others are nursing sisters, policemen, celestial dignities, lawyers and anybody else you want.

If you have asked them about the sudden unexplained death and if they could tell you the truth, which in practice never happens, they would tell you that shortly before the people died, somebody was gazing at them with an evil expression in his or her eyes, from which a dark energy was streaming into them in order to steal their soul.

If you have asked them about the sudden lunacy and if they could tell you the truth, which in practice never happens, they would tell you that the craziness has artificially been created by physical, more often chemical impact on the brain.

Both sudden unexplained death and sudden craziness sometimes use to be deliberately caused by evil people, who, however, differ from normal people by a different soul. Both these crimes, that is to make somebody suddenly die by stealing his or her soul or make somebody go crazy, are supported by all the evil people, if it serves some cause important to them, that is their common and most serious interests. As soon as the order to commit one of these crimes is given, earthly laws cease to be valid: there is no police code of ethics, no Hippocratic Oath. The members of a big society that consists of all the evil people will support these two permitted crimes by any suitable means, because they profit from them.

Of course, there are also other types of crimes committed by these evil people including arrangement of accidents and various illnesses, but the above-mentioned two crimes belong among the most special.

Believe it or not, these evil people are really wise and their wisdom really goes beyond everything what is officially known. They could exactly tell you what can make the ape develop itself into a human being without any physical impact on the ape, they could discover to you why the world’s religions explain many religious things totally wrongly and why they are missing the most important information, they could tell you why many psychiatrists do not believe in the psychiatry that they are teaching, why the officially-propagated worldview is more wrong than correctArticle Submission, why many activists of seemingly-opposite directions and countries secretly support one and the same thing etc. But they won’t tell you anything. They do not want you to know.

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