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Monday, March 25, 2019
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When You Need an IRS Attorney

If your being investigated for tax evasion or not paying your taxes an IRS attorney can help you negotiate a repayment plan.

Did you know in 2009 47 percent of Americans did not pay any federal income tax? Not because they had found some loopholes to avoid paying taxes or because they were committing tax fraud by not paying taxes, but because their income was so low or nonexistent due to the recession they simply didn't owe any federal taxes. The typical percentage of Americans who don't normally owe taxes pre-recession was roughly around 38 percent. So this jump is not good news for the majority of people who do have to pay taxes, because that means losing government programs that are running into the red and can no longer be funded.

Of course it's one thing when federal taxes aren't paid because they are not owed but it's another thing entirely when a certain percentage of the population chooses not to pay their owed taxes or commits tax fraud in order to avoid paying their taxes.

If you are under criminal investigation by the government for tax fraud or tax evasion you need the services of an IRS attorney as soon as possible to help you with your legal woes. The tax collectors have a lot of power when it comes to getting what is owed to them. They can garnish your wages and seize your property if you fail to cooperate and work with them to repay the taxes, fines and penalties that are owed.

If you owe back taxes your best option is to have an IRS attorney work with you and the IRS to work out a repayment plan that will allow you to maintain some control of your finances while repaying your government debt. There is virtually no escape from paying taxes, although many may have tried, few have actually succeeded. Even bankruptcy will not erase certain types of debt owed, including monies owed to the government.

If you have received a notice from the government demanding payment you need to contact an IRS attorney and the IRS immediately. Once you have received this notice demanding payment the next step from the Internal Revenue Service will be to give you 30 days before a garnishment of your wages starts. If the government does not have your current living or mailing address you may not even be informed of the impending garnishment.

Certain income is exempt from garnishment, including disability and unemployment payments. However, the IRS can legally garnish a set percentage of your wages even if you have income being garnished for other debts such as child support or alimony. If you are living paycheck to paycheck, this extra garnishment can be devastating and threatening to your very survival and even your ability to work.

An IRS attorney at this point is your best advocate to work with the government to work out a repayment plan and stop the garnishment that is occurring, if possible. The IRS can be worked withPsychology Articles, but it is not something an amateur should attempt.

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