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Thursday, October 21, 2021
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15 Minutes of Fame: Unconventional Marketing

Everyone has (within their ... what Andy Warhol referred to as "fifteen minutes of fame", ... this fame comes by accident or through some effort of our own. No matter the case, each of us

Everyone has (within their lifetime) what Andy Warhol referred to as "fifteen minutes of fame", sometimes this fame comes by accident or through some effort of our own. No matter the case, each of us has our moment to shine. Your moment of "crowning glory" may have been in High School when you won an award or scored a winning point in sports. Later in life, you basked in the limelight of yours or a friends wedding. oops! You have had more than your allotted share of "fame"!

Can we have more than just one moment of fame? Yes, all through life, we have moments "of fame", they may not be huge elaborate headline-grabbing fame, but we are recognized for our accomplishments no matter how small they may seem to be. Peers, neighbors, relatives recognize us for little things that we have achieved all the time. Being recognized is our fame.

Recognition = FAME!

FAME is our reward.

Ok, you have encountered numerous moments of FAME, but has your web page or affiliate program had the same recognition?

Or, how do you get your product or service to be noticed on the Net, with thousands of other similar web sites?

As I mentioned earlier, fame comes by accident or through some effort of our own.

Most web sites are not merely noticed because someone discovers it, so we should probably rule out the possibility that your web site will accidentally become famous. So, that leaves us with the second option, "fame comes through some effort of our own".

OK, you see where I am going with this: search engine optimization! Dang, can't pull the wool over your eyes! WRONG, we are NOT going there. We are about to make your product or service famous! We are going to create FAME for your web site!

Here are two statements that you have heard before in various advertisements:

"Everything goes better with COKE!"

"Pepsi: choice of a new generation"

Two similar products, each trying to get YOUR attention! Each company has positioned their product in your mind. Each product is famous and recognized by a short simple statement.

Everyday, you see advertisers telling us that their product or service is the BEST! No One Beats our Deals! Best Offer! Best Guarantee! Fastest Delivery! Well, we know who are the Best! But everyone can not be the best, someone has to be next to best or mediocre or even the worst, but they don't seem to be advertising.

A Pizza restaurant chain started a few years ago, and they positioned themselves in the eye of the public as "Second Best... so we have to work harder". I remember seeing a web site that said "We are the worst, but with your help we will improve", another "Our product stinks but our service is impeccable". I was so intrigued by their statements that I had to look at their web sites. And I purchased from these companies. They were honest and had a sense of humor.

Not everyone can be the BEST, someone has to be second, third and so on.

Look at your competition and rank your product or service against them. Maybe you have the UGLIEST web site, but you DELIVER! Possibly you have a SUCKY product, so you give lots of EXTRA FREEBIES. Position your product behind your competition. Position yourself honestly and with humor and your web site could soon see it's "fifteen minutes of fame".

Capitalize on your unique marketing position, include your position statement in your advertising, your search engine submissions, in your email signatures. Make your MARK on the Net with a unique positioning statement. Let 'em know that you ain't the best, but you have the guts to work yer way up!

SoFree Reprint Articles, where does your product or service rank among your competition?

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