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Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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Advance Token to GO-Choosing the Right Token

... of Choosing the Right Token”I always choose the Dog or the Car… which do you ... you realized the ... of ... the Market” and ... the Lingo” before choosing every a

“Importance of Choosing the Right Token”

I always choose the Dog or the Car… which do you choose?
If you realized the importance of “Studying the Market” and “Learning the Lingo” before choosing every affiliate and Downline Plan out there…
Well, That’s great. You’re already ahead of the Game.

But if you’re even the slightest bit gullible, like most of us are, I’m guessing you didn’t. So, how many programs did you join? I’m proud to say that I personally joined about 20! Lucky for me, when I started I was flat broke and couldn’t afford to “upgrade”. Otherwise I’d be a Pro member of 20 useless programs!

Here’s a tool you might already have, if not, it install it and follow me…
Download Alexa Toolbar
It’s called the Alexa toolbar. It’s a rating system for websites. I won’t get into the details of how it calculates ratings. You can do that later, and it will help you to understand.
Suffice it to say, it is similar to a Credit Rating. That’s how I describe it.

Once installed, go to your e-mail inbox and pick one of those great sites titled “1,000,000 hits in Three Days Guaranteed!!!”
Click on the link and check it out. If the site has an “Alexa Rating” of 1,340,456 for example, I doubt they know very much about traffic Generation! I wish I knew this three months ago!

Some of the sites I joined, unknowingly, promising me huge traffic, perpetual downlines and more spillover than I could suck up with a WetVac, had Alexa Ratings of over 500,000. No wonder I wasn’t making any money. Of course this is simply a tool to help you choose. Some sites may have great ratings and still be terrible.

Read the reviews. Maybe you joined some programs because they sounded soo great, you thought to yourself “ What if it’s true?”.
I’ve gotta at least try it. If and when it doesn’t work out, you don’t blame the system, it’s a “Proven System” with “Testimonials” instead you blame yourself.

If , in the Offline World, you had 20 jobs and you put in 2 hours a week per job, do you think you would excell in any one, or better yet, all of them? Even if one of them was a great company? Unlikely…

You now have one more tool in your Shed of Wisdom to use. Learn how to use it. There are many more and I suggest you find them and use them. Make your own decision whether or not a company can serve your purpose. Don’t believe the Hype. Investigate and then choose.

Any company claiming to do Everything cannot possibly do any one thing exceptionaly.

Choose one company that has a good reputation for Hosting, Tracking and Building a website. Choose one or two companies known for their Quality submitting and lead generating ability. Choose another for it’s Autresponding and list building prowess. Put the power of these four or five companies complimenting each other together, and you have a well oiled Money Making Machine!

Once you get comfortable driving this beauty, then you can start confidently re-investing and perpetually increasing your income.

I choose the Car or the Dog. Sometimes I put the dog in the car!

NowPsychology Articles, which do you choose…

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